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02/18/15 12:50pm

left hand path

Left Hand Path
89 Wycoff Ave., (Suydam St. and Hart St.), Bushwick

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What it is: A low lit bar in Bushwick containing a list of curated craft beers, carefully created cocktails and a smooth chilled environment.

Why we love it: Left Hand Path is perfect bar to go into alone as a Bushwick outsider or a local, a place to stop in with a group of friends or to enjoy or drink away a date. Here you can get people together and actually hear them as the crowd tends to remain on the calmer side. You’ve got the bar at the entrance, the stools lining the walls and the killer backyard where you can hang out until 11pm.

The bar itself, dark with mystique, invites you to walk to the back exploring the various corners, back room and the benches which round the walls of the back area. You can try and pin down the bar to one type, but do so with caution. They deliver delicious, thought out cocktails as well as an often appreciated beer and a shot. It’s a both a speakeasy and a dive. An atmosphere of a dimly lit cocktail bar with chandeliers made out of solo cups. It works.

What to order: The beers they serve are posted on a huge slab of tree hung behind the bar, greatly ranging with a focus on craft beers. Their selection changes frequently so stay up to date by following their Facebook to find out what’s about to tap. You can choose or ask for a recommendation for a beer or cocktail and be guaranteed an interesting and satisfying choice. Follow them and you will also find a slew of events ranging from a New Years Eve party to a Superbowl party.

Regular tip: You know that whole, hey can you charge my phone, actually can I see if I got a text for a second, thanks but I still need it to be charged thing that some people do? Well you won’t anymore. Here they have individual USB ports along the bar. No longer must you be that person saying, ‘I promise I’m not usually that person’.

01/24/15 11:13am
the emerson

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The Emerson  561 Myrtle Ave.Clinton Hill, 347-763-1310

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What it is: The Emerson transports you the moment you walk in to what they accurately describe as a glittering deco wonderland. Prepare to be confused about why you’ve never been there before.

Why we love it: This bar can accommodate any mood you are in, from a cheap beer and pool night to wine and an art show. While you could always pop in on your own or with a friend, The Emerson is a spacious bar that allows you to bring in a large group.

What to order: Choose from any one of its 12 draft beers, we are partial to the currently listed Ithaca Flower Power IPA. You could also stop in for their Monday through Friday happy hour from 4-7pm and order one of their drafts or well drinks for $2 off.

Regular tip:  The bar hosts rotating nights for things like trivia, DJs, sports games, art openings, comedy, bingo and more.

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You’ll probably be able to find a couple Nathaniel P. types while you’re there too.

Splitty, 415 Myrtle Ave., Clinton Hill, (718) 643-2867

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Food, Outdoor Space

What it is: This groovy, Marrakech-inflected bar in Clinton Hill by Andy McDowell of Pete’s Candy Shop features food and beer with an Eastern vibe. It holds events almost every night that truly run the gamut. Go in and relax with a beer or play some of the provided games with friends.

Why we love it: The detail that went in to the bar, which is modeled after a vintage airstream camper, is hugely impressive. It provides a beautiful space to enjoy the nightly free music including their Friday night all-female DJ line up. Get some friends together to have some beers or cocktails while watching CAMPISTA featuring members of Antibalas and Fela Kuti every Tuesday night.

What to order: The Hitachino with a mushroom bao is totally on point. They also have a great happy hour until 7pm Monday through Saturday and happy hour specials all day on Sunday that rock with $3 wells, $4 drafts/bottles and $4 baos.

Regular tip: The name of the bar comes from a term for a VW van with a split front windshield. 

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03/25/14 12:57pm
Photo by Sarah Bibi

Photo by Sarah Bibi

The Graham
151 Meserole St
East Williamsburg

What it is: The Graham opens its doors to the neighborhood with totally inviting bartenders and a pretty exquisite happy hour – $2 off everything 3-8 daily.

Why we love it: It’s not too common to walk into a bar and immediately feel like you are one of the crew’s gang.


01/31/14 4:10pm
the graham

The Graham: It’s new in the beer book, and it’s awesome. Photo by Sarah Gainer

In case you haven’t heard, the newest edition of our Beer Books are on sale now. Since we’ve split them between Upper and Middle Brooklyn, we thought we’d take a second to highlight some the awesome new bars in our Upper Brooklyn Beer Book. Specifically, bars in Bushwick and East Williamsburg, where you might live or you have friends you feel the need to begrudgingly visit. Whichever it is, these bars will provide plenty of entertainment for you. (more…)

10/01/13 9:49am
The backyard is in town too

The backyard is in town too!

Der Kommissar
559 5th Ave., at 15th St.
Park Slope

What is it: An Austrian bar in Park Slope that offers a variety of freaking awesome sausages (yes there’s a veggie one) and a bunch of great beers.

Why We love it: Because the beer is awesome, the bar is both a neighborhood bar AND interestingly different and the food they serve up is deliciously what bar food should be. (more…)

06/20/13 12:48pm


The Bedford
110 Bedford Ave., at N. 11th St.
(718) 302-1002

What is it: If you only go into the front room, with the entrance on Bedford, you may have missed this amazing back room bar. Beyond the gastropub is a speakeasy lined with dark wooden and round marble tables.

Why We love it: The bar is typically the perfect amount of crowded allowing you to order your drink, perhaps some appetizers, and sit down and relax. This is special because it seems most speakeasy bars tend to lend themselves to tiny cramped corners. It’s a beautiful room that serves as a respite from the Bedford Avenue craze. (more…)

06/04/13 12:30pm


The Gibson
108 Bedford Ave., at N. 11th St.,

What is it: A whiskey bar that although large enough for a ruckusing crowd, manages to stay on the side of being a low-key bar while going no where near dive status.

Why We love it: You can get anything from a really well made cocktail to a Bud Light Lime while hanging out with friends or playing some games. More of a whiskey drinker? They have over 100 different types. (more…)

05/31/13 2:46pm


Soft Spot
128 Bedford Ave., at 11th St.
(718) 384-7768

What is it: A relaxed bar on the Bedford strip where you can order a beer or six without being hassled. It’s less frantic than some of the nearby places and often screens TV shows like the Walking Dead.

Why We love it: For being a rather narrow bar there always seems to be room. The back yard is so large it kinda explodes with space when you walk outside. The bartenders are nice and quick and you can’t beat their 2-for-1 well and beer drinks until 8pm. Oh wait, yes you can, the 2-for-1 well and beer special on Tuesday which runs all night long. (more…)

Photo by Maria Gotay

Photo by Maria Gotay

Mama Joy’s
1084 Flushing Ave., at Porter Ave.
(347) 295-2227

What is it: Perfectly placed between the Morgan and Jefferson L stops, this Southern food slinging bar is home to a rotating selection of 8 drafts, a $4 beer and shot combo and 45 different whiskeys. The walls show off half exposed brick and half old wallpaper and wooden panels. The owner said that in the process of renovating, he decided he liked the pulled off wall paper look and left it as is – we like everything about it.

Why We love it: So many reasons. Spacious inside, backyard in the summer, knowledgeable bartenders, great southern food and again, 45 whiskeys and a $4 beer and shot combo. The owner and bartenders are knowledgeable about all things booze and super nice. They are what gives this bar a true neighborhood feel. (more…)