11/25/15 1:04pm
It's waiting for you, and it's free. via Facebook

It’s waiting for you, and it’s free. via Facebook

By Black Friday, the love and warmth you feel for your family might be worn down to a nub and you’ll feel the need to get out of the house. Or you’ll just feel really gluttonous and you need to get some energy out. You don’t want to go to the mall though, and Brooklyn Boulders’ offer of free climbing doesn’t jibe with your fear of heights. Fortunately for you, Crunch Gyms in Brooklyn and around the country are going to be open and free to use for anyone who wanders in looking to lift some weights or throw around some medicine balls. (more…)

11/25/15 9:56am
Be thankful this isn't your life

Be thankful this isn’t your life

Well, here it is, the final night in New York before Thanksgiving. Things are a little sleepy out there, what with people freeing their employees to either go back to their faraway homes or just drink in their nearby homes with friends. If you don’t want to do either of those though, the Brokelyn Events Calendar is here for you, as usual, with some cool stuff to do. Just one more thing to be thankful for. (more…)

11/24/15 2:36pm

Ah Black Friday, the one day per year (other than if your favorite sports team wins a championship) that rioting is not just accepted but is defended as being baked into the American tradition like so many caramelized apples in that pie you’re while eating on line for a cheap flat screen TV. Sure you could not participate in this, but missing the deals means no TV for you, so retailers kind of have you by the short and curlies. On the other hand, like this video purporting to show a kindly old man retailer being honest about the whole thing points out, you could just get cheaper stuff a few days later of by ordering online.

We’re going to refrain from going with the usual internet hyperbole about how this video “lays waste” or “destroys” Black Friday or whatever, because what’s the point? Sure well know the truth about it, and we’re told it time and time again. But no matter how many times it’s said, no matter how many goofy Tim and Eric-style product rebrandings a video will have, once the deals come, you’ll buy it. You’ll buy anything. (more…)

11/24/15 9:02am
Get a reminder of the power of the Dark Side

Get a reminder of the power of the Dark Side

The thing about a short week is that it makes the longing for the end of it that much more acute. Oh sure you think at first that having just three days to work will be easy, but then you see some people leaving two days into the week, and some people left yesterday. And you’re still here, stuck at your desk until sometime on Wednesday. Well, unlike those people who left, you can enjoy yourself in the greatest city in the world, thanks to the fun things to do on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Those people who left early are all probably on overbooked flights with crying babies. (more…)

11/23/15 3:21pm
When regular police tape just won't do! via gilf!

When regular police tape just won’t do! via GILF

Gentrification is pretty much everywhere you look these days in Brooklyn, New York City and really any urban area, but you might feel it needs a better marker than a cupcake shop or a coffee shop or a characterless million dollar condo building or an influx of people trying not to be racist while they dance around the question of whether a neighborhood is safe.

If you feel that way, now you can put a big yellow marker on everywhere you think gentrification is happening, with this 1,000-foot roll of yellow caution tape that says “GENTRIFICATION IN PROGRESS.” Sure it’ll run you $60, but just think of how mad yuppies in their million dollar condos will be when they have to knock this down from the front door of their building every single morning until you run out of tape. (more…)

11/23/15 11:56am
micro apartment

The good news is everyone who applied gets crammed in across the 14 apartments!

When we first found out about New York City’s teeny tiny micro-apartments, we were skeptical of the idea of living in a 400-square foot box. That skepticism has never really gone away, despite arguments that these are cheap-ish ways to live by yourself, free of roommates who have more sex than you or don’t do the dishes. Apparently though, lots of other people weren’t skeptical about the apartments, or were at least desperate enough to put that skepticism aside, because as an aside in an article about the apartments, the New York Times mentioned that 60,000 people applied for the 14 affordable units in the building. The affordable units that cost almost $1,000/month. (more…)

11/23/15 8:53am
How does this crazy Hadron Collider thing work? Will it destroy us all? Find out, tonight at The Bell House. Photo by Maximilien Brice, via CERN

How does this crazy Hadron Collider thing work? Will it destroy us all? Find out, tonight at The Bell House. Photo by Maximilien Brice, via CERN

Some bad news: it’s Monday. Some good news: it’s a short week. Some bad news: Sheamus is your WWE world champ following an underwhelming Survivor Series. Some good news: the Brokelyn Event Calendar is still full of some good stuff to do tonight despite a lot of venues going into holiday hibernation. I say, focus on the good news. (more…)

11/20/15 4:28pm
Try to have a sunny outlook this weekend. Photo by Maria Travis

Try to have a sunny outlook this weekend. Photo by Maria Travis

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-Activists tell real estate developers Brooklyn isn’t for sale, developers say we’ll see

-You don’t have to cook on Thanksgiving if you just eat out at one of restaurants instead

-You also don’t have to bring home pie for Thanksgiving, if you bring one of Brooklyn’s best non-pie desserts instead

-The Wonder Wheel will be open for the first time ever on New Year’s Day, so hopefully your hangover can handle it

These dating spots around Brooklyn are perfect for bringing you and a boo who lives off a different train line together at last

-It’s good to have those in mind in case you find love on this dating show that’s willing to pay you $600

-Of course, that’s a one-time thing, so we’ve also got some jobs for you at places like The Webby Awards, Bar Chuko and Biolite

-You could also just pray for snow and apply to be an emergency snow laborer for the city making $13.50/hour

-Get cozy while you eat at these 7 brunch spots that have a working fireplace

-Artist of the week Faces of Weed will get you in some strange situations, but nothing you can’t handle

Quite a place to say hello to 2016. via Flickr user Kilgub

Quite a place to say hello to 2016. via Flickr user Kilgub

Every day, we’re getting closer to the best holiday of the year, and if you’re anything like us, you’re very excited. No, not Thanksgiving or Christmas, we mean New Year’s Eve. And of course after New Year’s Eve is the holiday’s cousin, New Year’s Day, also known as International Hangover Day, during which you lie on the couch and recover from the previous evening’s heavy indulgence of LSD and Glug. On the other hand, you might be able to actually move around and stuff after New Year’s Eve, so if you’re up for what could be a chilly adventure, amNewYork reports that you can ride Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel on New Year’s Day for the first time in the ride’s history. (more…)

Get a handle on your fitness regime, before it's even time for resolutions. via Facebook

Get a handle on your fitness regime, before it’s even time for resolutions. via Facebook

As one of our contributors went over while putting fall on blast, as the weather gets colder, overeating due to large holiday meals really starts to ramp up (by the way don’t forget about all these holiday desserts to buy in Brooklyn and restaurants serving said large meals). What comes after that is usually a series of attempts at and lies you tell yourself and others about getting fit after New Year’s, but our question is, why wait? Not on the lying we mean, but on the attempts at fitness, because Brooklyn Boulders is throwing open their doors for an orgy of free climbing action over Thanksgiving weekend. (more…)