12/22/14 10:28am
flotsam general store

You get a few surprisingly useful things in the Flotsam General Store mystery sack. Photos by David Colon

You might remember back in September when we told you about Flotsam, Eugene Mirman and Jon Benjamin’s take on the precious, artisanal celebrity goods store. It sounded funny,but we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to drop the money on a “mystery sack” of unknown hand-selected crap. Seeing as how it’s Christmas, we decided to give in and order a small mystery sack though, thinking maybe there could be some good stocking stuffers. In a pleasant surprise, the Flotsam mystery sack comes with a variety of surprisingly useful items. Oh, and a bag of Brooklyn Leaves. (more…)

12/19/14 12:06pm

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12/19/14 8:49am

Your ticket to a pile of free beers. via Flickr user MTSOfan

Hey remember how a couple days ago we told you all about how Mary’s Bar would trade you a free beer for a blanket, because they’re participating in Blankfest? Come on, it was just a couple days ago. Well, maybe you don’t live that close to Mary’s Bar, or maybe you have a whole bunch of blankets and you want to maximize your return on your charity. Which sounds kind of bad when written out. Either way, we got a tip from the Beer for Blankets organizer letting us know that there are a few more bars in Brooklyn you can bring blankets to and get a beer in exchange. (more…)

12/18/14 3:36pm
We feel you, we really do

We feel you, we really do

Been feeling a little gloomy lately? Makes sense, considering it gets dark at like 3pm and it’s cold out there without having any snow to make it worth it. Oh, but you’ve been feeling gloomy for more seasons than just winter, huh? Let’s see, what could the common thread in there be… Oh! We know, your job sucks and you hate it, that’s it, right? We feel for you, especially since science says that if you’re burned out on or hate your job, you’re a good candidate for depression. (more…)

12/17/14 3:02pm
crowded subway

These people have been waiting for a train for six days. via Flickr user Russ Allison Loar

As you’ve sat patiently or paced impatiently looking down the tunnel waiting for a train, did you ever think to yourself, “Man, this is taking longer than I feel like it does”? Ordinarily we would say you were just summoning up some persecution in your own mind, but no, it turns out that the MTA really was screwing you over more than usual, because a new report says that a quarter of trains showed up late between October 2013 and October 2014. Too bad your old boss won’t rehire you even though some of those late arrivals weren’t technically your fault. (more…)

12/17/14 12:02pm

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12/17/14 11:23am
fung wah bus

They’re back, baby! via Flickr user Filippo Diotalevi

Oftentimes it’s a fool’s errand to actually believe that the simple act of turning a calendar from one year to the next means that anything significantly better is going to start happening. That being said, we’re willing to maybe believe it will, because while 2014 had no cheap Fung Wah fares to whisk you out of New York in speeding crowded fashion, 2015 will see the return of the beloved cheap bus line according to Reason. It’ll probably still be the only good thing that happens in 2015 though. (more…)

12/17/14 9:34am
barclays center roof leak

Yeah, we’ve been there

If you live in New York City long enough, you will eventually have to deal with the prospect of a leaky roof when it rains. Apparently this universal problem extends to our sports teams too, as the Nets/Heat game was delayed last night because the roof of the (billion-dollar) Barclays Center started leaking during the light rain. Really gives you confidence that the apartments being built next to it will definitely leak. (more…)

12/16/14 2:59pm

Quick, just grab these ones while you’re not looking. via Flickr user mararie

‘Tis the season to try not to be as shitty a person as you are the rest of the year, for fear that a fat guy in the North Pole with CIA spying technology is watching your every move. Plus having a cold black heart gets a little more uncomfortable as the mercury drops. If you’re wondering how to be “good” we’ve got an easy one for you, and it comes with a good reward. Simply bring a blanket to Mary’s Bar in Park Slope, which they’re collecting for the homeless, and they’ll reward you with a free beer of your choice. It’s really that easy! (more…)

12/16/14 1:16pm
humans of new york christmas

These people are happy, maybe you deserve to be happy too. via Instagram

The holidays are here and it’s high time you got out of town and see your family, your terrible terrible family. Or maybe they’re nice. Failing that, it’s time to get together with some friends for a Christmas orphans party. What’s that, ALL of your friends are leaving town? Yeesh, bad luck. Good thing for you that Humans of New York will hook you up with a family celebrating Christmas who has a little extra room. And all for free. (more…)