01/25/15 4:30am
Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

On Bubbles: “$100.4 Million” [NYT]
On the Clock: “Time no longer seems unlimited…” [Nation]
On Goals: “So, you want to be a professional adventurer?” [AH]
On Similarities: “‘It isn’t just chasing clicks,’ she says.“ [Gigaom]
On the Rocks: “…Death Valley is one giggle after another.” [LAT]
On Rebuilding: “Overgrown lots and stray dogs remain in the area.” [Curbed]
On Concerns: “Our concern is not with the proverbial “few bad apples…” [Medium]
On High: “…with Steinmetz and his camera hanging out of the open door.” [New Yorker]
On Landscapes: “I suspect people are starting to notice that I have lost my mind.” [Berfois]
On Demon Rum: “That’s 5,554 deaths and 157,132 hospital admissions a year…” [Guardian]

01/18/15 4:30am
A drone's eye view of Coney (via technical.ly)

A drone’s eye view of Coney (via technical.ly)

On the Screen: “…the unexpected virtue of ignorance…” [EL]
On Arms: “The recovered weapon had already been fired.” [7Online]
Off Piste: “An accepted risk is congruent with these places.” [Powder]
On Making It: “…we lose our context, and the urban fabric frays.” [Slate]
On Plants: “…the alleged snitch was either unreliable or non-existent. [NYDN]
On Deals: “Send your postcards from Paris to ECB chief Mario Draghi…” [WP]
On Rituals: “The study won’t be cheered by the booming wedding industry…” [CNN]
On Hygiene: “Danielle Lapico 36, of Manhattan, says she’ll take her chances.” [NYP]
On Wings: “…filmmakers are going ahead and putting the devices into the wild…” [technical.ly]

01/11/15 4:30am

je-suis-charlie-800x495On History: “What did they replace?” [BHB]
On Exoneration: “I think he should be in prison.” [NYP]
On Grand Plans: “… big enough to ‘take an elephant’…” [AO]
On Punts: “Maybe it was injured, or maybe it’s fine…” [NYDN]
On Quick Thinking: “#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies” [DC]
On Your Turn: “And if we do, we are playing their game.” [Reddit]
On Flight: “The French Republic will be judged a failure.” [Atlantic]
On Hearts and Minds: “Al-Qaeda wants to mentally colonize French Muslims.” [JC]
On Training: “The difference today is the skill with which the attacks were carried out.” [FA]
On Best Guesses: “But there are also developments that are difficult to imagine in 2015.” [QZ]

01/04/15 4:30am
Look familiar? (via Slate)

Look familiar? (via Slate)

On the Surface: “What are they? Aliens, of course.” [Nautilus]
On Gratuitous Info: “The top tipping neighborhood?” [IQNY]
On Hours: “You know that means absolutely nothing, right?” [Medium]
On Sweet Spots: “It took me a few days to realize it was serious.” [NYT]
On Mensch: “Uber plans to do away with human cab drivers.” [Stallman]
On the Land: “We meant for Joan of Arc’s end to be merciful…” [Narratively]
On Beauty: “…every three seconds, a Barbie doll is sold somewhere in the world.” [Slate]
On Absence: “‘They were going to live on the top floor of our home,’ his mother said.” [NYP]

12/28/14 4:30am

Looks like Manhattan’s mom let it have the laser background for school photo day. (via WaPo)

On Availability: “These luxuries are not new.” [QZ]
On Edge: “Paintings only give a peek into a scene.” [EA]
On Turnabout: “Leave Giselle! You are too beautiful!” [Awl]
On Location: “Yet satellites and algorithms only get you so far.” [Wired]
On Relocation: “That necessitates, at some level, … “calculated misery.’” [NYer]
On Dislocation: “…we don’t just rearrange books and check them in and out…” [WP]
On WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA: ”…no punctuation at all around rectal feeding.” [RS]
On OH, THAT’S JUST GREAT: “‘There wasn’t the same kind of fear in the air,’ he said.” [NYT]
On B&T Crowding: “It’s an exercise that will make you very thankful for public transport.” [WaPo]
On Recruits: “ISIS now said to be in possession of powerful Magic: The Gathering deck” [Twitter]

12/07/14 4:30am
Wish we were here. (via Aeon)

Wish we were here. (via Aeon)

On Sonewalls: “Why did those cops attack you?” [Vice]
On Starting Anew: “Simply put, the world had changed.” [Aeon]
On Definition: “On some level, my life was transformed.” [Hairpin]
On Echos: “They are lost literally and lost in history…” [Toronto Star]
On Damnation: “This was a belief system born out of persecution.” [Guardian]
On Explanations: “That’s a secret that’s going to go to my grave with me…” [MF]
On Ways: “I’m afraid of car crashes, but not afraid enough to slow down.” [Medium]
On Me Time: “One thing Newton never did do … was play at the seashore.” [Nautilus]
On Accomplishment: “In other words, don’t envy them because they’re young.” [LMag]
On Space, Man: “That’s a nice twenty million tons of mineral ore you’ve got there.” [TSitF]
On Payoffs: “…some people take on more student loan debt than they can afford.” [WaPo]
On Infamy: ”At first they thought it was a drill. Maybe the local Navy aviators were doing some bombing practice. Strange that it was happening on a Sunday morning, though.” [Tampa Bay Times]

11/30/14 4:30am
Behold, the shiny, slimy Gowanus (From Steven Hirsch: Oceanides, 2014)

Behold, the shiny, slimy Gowanus (From Steven Hirsch: Oceanides, 2014 via NYRB)

On Bindings: “Why is there still a Strand Book Store?” [Vulture]
On Sheens: “My lungs would throb. … I’d break out in rashes.” [NYRB]
On Demand: “Feeding ourselves … has been thoroughly disrupted.” [Kernel]
On Oneness: “To be blunt, I wanted neighbors with French Bulldogs.” [Observer]
On Watchers: “He learned from a … journalist that he was under surveillance.” [VV]
On Legs Up: “America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others.” [WP]
On Shifts: “A growing number of suburban areas are achieving [a] ‘melting pot’ status.” [NR]
On Land: “…she can earn approximately $2 after collecting about 100 kg of rust a day.” [Atlantic]

11/23/14 4:30am
A terrifying ride. (TatteredFedoraFlow via Instagram)

Only nine months until summer. (TatteredFedoraFlow via Instagram)

On the Surface: “Why do it?” [Cafe]
On Elected Officials: “Bitch set me up!” [FT]
On Warbucks: “Life was now officially unfair.” [TNR]
On Layers: “…we are not always aware of our tongues…” [Aeon]
On Pinpricks: “Why the hell does anyone live here?” [New Inquiry]
On Due Process: “Down here, I am the law.” [Nervous Breakdown]
On Piqued Interest: “The more we know, the less we wonder.” [The Point]
On Arrivederci: “New York City is like the house from Poltergeist.” [Guardian]
On Mercenaries: “‘I also do freehand vegetable carving,’ he said.” [New Yorker]
On Blind Eyes: “I don’t have many writing regrets. But this is one of them.” [Atlantic]
On Injustice: “‘Shut up,’ she heard a man’s voice say as a body barreled into her…” [RS]
On Ghosts: “It was marvelous to see the creative ways people were lining up shots…” [UC]
On Vapor: “Here, we offer a spotlight on the places that belong to a dying breed…” [NYMag]
On Keys: “But even with the fastest computers, brute-force attacks … could take days.” [NYT]

11/16/14 4:30am

You won't ever wear this on your waistcoat. Sorry. [via BBC]

You won’t ever wear this on your waistcoat. Sorry. [Sotheby's via BBC]

On Coverage: “…and a job with benefits is a unicorn.” [Cafe]
On Being: “How could it be that there was nothing to find?” [Nowhere]
On Sharkowitz: “You don’t know what you’re going to step in!” [Youtube]
On Dwellings: “Isn’t it strange to have a skyline that isn’t even yours?” [EL]
On Loss: “‘He is deceased,’ the medical examiner said curtly.” [Narratively]
On Isolation: “They did their thing, we did ours, was the general mindset.” [VV]
On Transitions: “Die, If thou wouldst be with that which thou dost seek!” [Aeon]
On Reading: “…America’s attitude to the CIA is fascinatingly ambivalent.” [Vice]
On Going Deep: “Merrill reminded the next skier … to stay to the right…” [Powder]
On Shit You Can’t Ever Afford: “Graves was an ‘incredibly keen’ sportsman…” [BBC]
On Homes Away From Home: “Very little, then, went to hiring and reinvestment.” [NBC]

11/10/14 2:07pm
literate sunday

Want smart people like this coming to your bar every Sunday? Extend an invitation to Literate Sunday. via Facebook

The solitary writing life lends itself to the lonely drinking life, but even the most anti-social writer has to interact with humanity once in a while. And what better place than a bar? Hemingway had La Closerie de Lilas, Thomas the White Horse Tavern. Brooklyn writers have Literate Sunday, the anonymous writing salon where readers and writers can enjoy a beer and read fiction by local writers. Well, they had it, because Literate Sunday’s longtime headquarters in Williamsburg, The Plank, unexpectedly shuttered at the end of October, leaving the literary salon sans sanctuary. Although its first home is gone, Literate Sunday is growing fast; and they need your help in finding a new place to live.