11/23/14 4:30am
A terrifying ride. (TatteredFedoraFlow via Instagram)

Only nine months until summer. (TatteredFedoraFlow via Instagram)

On the Surface: “Why do it?” [Cafe]
On Elected Officials: “Bitch set me up!” [FT]
On Warbucks: “Life was now officially unfair.” [TNR]
On Layers: “…we are not always aware of our tongues…” [Aeon]
On Pinpricks: “Why the hell does anyone live here?” [New Inquiry]
On Due Process: “Down here, I am the law.” [Nervous Breakdown]
On Piqued Interest: “The more we know, the less we wonder.” [The Point]
On Arrivederci: “New York City is like the house from Poltergeist.” [Guardian]
On Mercenaries: “‘I also do freehand vegetable carving,’ he said.” [New Yorker]
On Blind Eyes: “I don’t have many writing regrets. But this is one of them.” [Atlantic]
On Injustice: “‘Shut up,’ she heard a man’s voice say as a body barreled into her…” [RS]
On Ghosts: “It was marvelous to see the creative ways people were lining up shots…” [UC]
On Vapor: “Here, we offer a spotlight on the places that belong to a dying breed…” [NYMag]
On Keys: “But even with the fastest computers, brute-force attacks … could take days.” [NYT]

11/16/14 4:30am

You won't ever wear this on your waistcoat. Sorry. [via BBC]

You won’t ever wear this on your waistcoat. Sorry. [Sotheby's via BBC]

On Coverage: “…and a job with benefits is a unicorn.” [Cafe]
On Being: “How could it be that there was nothing to find?” [Nowhere]
On Sharkowitz: “You don’t know what you’re going to step in!” [Youtube]
On Dwellings: “Isn’t it strange to have a skyline that isn’t even yours?” [EL]
On Loss: “‘He is deceased,’ the medical examiner said curtly.” [Narratively]
On Isolation: “They did their thing, we did ours, was the general mindset.” [VV]
On Transitions: “Die, If thou wouldst be with that which thou dost seek!” [Aeon]
On Reading: “…America’s attitude to the CIA is fascinatingly ambivalent.” [Vice]
On Going Deep: “Merrill reminded the next skier … to stay to the right…” [Powder]
On Shit You Can’t Ever Afford: “Graves was an ‘incredibly keen’ sportsman…” [BBC]
On Homes Away From Home: “Very little, then, went to hiring and reinvestment.” [NBC]

11/10/14 2:07pm
literate sunday

Want smart people like this coming to your bar every Sunday? Extend an invitation to Literate Sunday. via Facebook

The solitary writing life lends itself to the lonely drinking life, but even the most anti-social writer has to interact with humanity once in a while. And what better place than a bar? Hemingway had La Closerie de Lilas, Thomas the White Horse Tavern. Brooklyn writers have Literate Sunday, the anonymous writing salon where readers and writers can enjoy a beer and read fiction by local writers. Well, they had it, because Literate Sunday’s longtime headquarters in Williamsburg, The Plank, unexpectedly shuttered at the end of October, leaving the literary salon sans sanctuary. Although its first home is gone, Literate Sunday is growing fast; and they need your help in finding a new place to live.


11/09/14 4:00am
Lines on lines (via the Guardian

Lines on lines (via the Guardian)

On Tom Sawyer: “Wolfram Hasch grew his hair long.” [Guardian]
On Family (Disturbing): “If I tell you, you will tell the police.” [BBC]
On Begrüßungsgeld: “Free at last! The border must go!” [Youtube]
On Kindness: “And then, in March, they found the lump.” [Medium]
On Personal Responsibility: “So I’ve become a Snacktivist.” [WaPo]
On Additives: “People were always dying around Grandma…” [Vice]
On Sleep: “Then, in the late 19th century, everything changed.” [Aeon]
On Prescience: “Reality Bites struck me as exploitative fluff…” [PSMag]
On Pennies: “The bottom line is that artist’s rights are worker’s rights.” [EL]
On Russians: “I want to show how beautiful and unique they are.” [Instagram]
On Dewey, Cheatem & Howe: “‘Haaaaah-ha-ha-ha-ha!’ the other joined in.” [Slate]


11/02/14 6:00am
Donning the necessities. (Photo: Daniel Berehulak via the NYT)

Donning the necessities. (Photo: Daniel Berehulak via the NYT)

On Butterflies: “Ali appears to be untouchable.” [Guardian]
On the Real Thing: “‘Wake up! Wake up! It’s the police!’ she cried.” [GQ]
On Choice: “But if the choices are limited, is the process truly democratic?” [CL]
On Loss: “The news of Smith’s closure came pretty suddenly as well.” [Observer]
On Selflessness: “Yesterday they said, ‘You, you’re free.’ I danced, I jumped.” [NYT]
On Displacement: “Roughly one in four Brooklynites … lives in poverty.” [Daily News]
On Hindsight: “…the suits were cut away from them and incinerated on site.” [Atlantic]
On Tidebreakers: “The [Royals’ stadium] is … perfectly designed to quash riots.” [TNR]
On Ownership: “…Puerto Rico is the last remaining colony of the Americas.” [Nowhere]
On Anti-stitution: “I am as nervous as a person who is meeting an actual hooker.” [Medium]
On Pop Tarts: “…let’s consider the many ways that Swift’s absent navel … gazes back.” [Slate]

10/26/14 5:00am
Your new hip home. (via Village Voice)

Buffalo is so last year. (via Village Voice)

On a Roll: “Keep looking up!” [NASA]
On Ha Ha, No: “Why do the kids love Buffalo?” [VV]
On the Road: “‘Aamreeka?’ he asked gleefully.” [Narratively]
On Tips: “Top knots only look good on women and the samurai.” [BD]
On Dough: “…sometimes just having a debit card feels safer.” [Billfold]
On Word: “A document … is a container for other ideal forms.” [NYRB]
On Addiction: “That’s why … we call debt the ‘white man’s dope.” [NPR]
On Nomenclature: “The white racial slur we’ve all been waiting for.” [Medium]
On Weed: “…the centerfolds in High Times depicted feats of horticulture…” [NYT]
On Oh, Great: “We are absolutely committed to protecting our users’ privacy…” [WaPo]
In ID’s: “From the minute I saw him with that gun I thought, ‘let me survive this…’” [LVL]
On Duos: “…a tote bag you can take with you to a literary party and/or drug-fueled orgy.” [MH]
On Big Plans: “…we’ve set loose an obsessive perfectionist in the middle of a swamp…” [NatGeo]

10/19/14 6:00am

Shots fired across the bow in Crown Heights. [via the Village Voice]

Shots fired across the bow in Crown Heights. [via the Village Voice]

On No Duhs: “There is no shortage of Starbucks in New York City.” [VV]
On No Exit: “When he was finally released, he wrote: ‘I’m free.’” [Guardian]
On Displacement: “…a group of cyclists recently donned car costumes…” [LS]
On Stardom: “But I saw your map. Are you here in search of gems?” [Appendix]
On Dumb Overreactions: “…at least one student was already worried…” [WaPo]
On Standard Deviation: “But what, really, does it mean to be Brooklyn?” [Atlantic]
On His Majesty: “…you’ll find that “‘czar” … is a relatively meaningless term.” [Verge]
On Noms de Guerre: “Basic rolls beautifully off the tongue. It’s a useful insult.” [NYM]
On He Is Us: “I’ve been known to travel great distances for well-prepared grits.” [NYT]
On Models: “I joined, out of a pitiful vanity and because I thought I would get laid.” [Billfold]
On Simon Says Clap: “The world of audience work is hierarchically organized…” [Narrative.ly]
On Plights: “The life of the humble biomedical postdoctoral researcher was never easy…” [BG]

10/12/14 6:00am
Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

On Where the Heart Is: “I guess you could call it urban camping.” [NYT]
On Reality: “A trip into Real America is above all a test of faith.” [Gawker]
On Being Out of Our Depths: “Higher sea level leads to higher tides…” [NR]
On Last Rites: ”It wasn’t just over there. I brought it back here with me.“ [FP]
On Tags: “These communities gave an insider feel to graffiti culture.” [Dissent]
On Appellations: “The name doesn’t have some clever double-meaning…” [Awl]
On Paradise Lost: “…she fell like a sack of flour dropped from a truck.” [Longform]
On Wait Watchers: “They tend to … seize opportunities that come up.” [Atlantic]
On Nothing to Lose: “Like many of her peers, Andre wants more than a job.” [NPR]
On Pings: “There was only one instruction: ‘Avoid missing ball for high score.’” [Slate]
On Reflexive Actions: “…many revealed secrets that they had never told anyone…” [NYMag]
On Street Smarts: “City raccoons also appear smarter than their rural counterparts.” [Nautilus]

10/05/14 6:00am
Students with a very good reason to be happy. (via Thinkprogress)

Students with a very good reason to be happy. (via ThinkProgress)

On Swings: “Greg Maddux! On top of a fire truck!” [SBNation]
On Weed: “The stakes, as advertised at the event, were ‘high.’” [NYP]
On the Young and the Debt-less: “Tuition fees are unjust…” [ThinkProgress]
On Flight: “Opportunities abroad, however, seem to be on the upswing.” [NR]
On Shorts: “‘Do you like short stories?’ he asks between mixing drinks.” [NYT]
On Living Daylights: “Such mental failures should perhaps not surprise us.” [BBC]
On Returns: ”No happiness was attached to the word ‘Angola’, no lightness.” [CC]
On Wetware: “I don’t worry that we’ll become dumb because of the Internet,” [PRI]
On Flashes: “I wish to go into the blue universe again next year to photograph.” [Atlantic]
On Lines: “Wallace messed up, and a person lost his shoulder in the process.” [Narratively]
On Crown Jewels: “…the immediate neighborhood is redolent with a nutmeg-like odor.” [FNY]
On Total-Ignorance-of-Media-Ethics: “also, he was an associate editor not an editor” [Gawker]
On What Plants Crave: “Sometimes in comedy, graphics are the straight man…” [TriviaHappy]

09/28/14 3:00am
The sun sets on AC. (via WaPo)

The sun sets on AC. (via WaPo)

On Order: “Hooters just wasn’t racy enough…” [NYP]
On Sharing: “It’s part of the San Francisco experience…” [NYM]
On Toast: “We were able to pay our writers right away…” [DIGIDAY]
On Trump Cards: “…it’s a town that gets beneath the skin…” [WaPo]
On Downsizing: “Because, here’s the thing: housing costs a ton.” [Medium]
On Culpability: “Want to meet at my dorm? Less carrying for me.” [The Cut]
On Leaks: “’Something is very wrong,’ they said. ‘We are worried.‘” [Buzzfeed]
On Theft: “Where the two intersect, what could possibly go wrong?” [ArsTechnica]
On Dimes: “Eventually, Gray found a phone and his wife recovered…” [Smithsonian]
On Films: “What’s crazy is that none of us know [what’s going to happen].” [SplitSider]
On Spikes: “With the Convention’s end, four months of intense activity began.” [RailFan]