08/24/14 6:00am
Observe some spiritual malaise at a distance (via Open Culture)

Observe some spiritual malaise at a distance (via Open Culture)

On Thirst: “How serious is California drought?” [imgur]
On Doubt: “‘I am a ridiculous person,’ the story begins…” [OC]
On Humor: “In The Simpsons writing room, 1992.” [Twitter]
On “Humor”: “‘Funny’ only becomes possible when people share the same points of reference.” [SS]
On Particulars: “[We] peed in the middle of the road.” [Narratively]
On Particulates: “One’s grandfather’s penis was, on average, two centimeters longer…” [Medium]
On Messages: “Getting an email address was once a nerdy right of passage…” [Atlantic]
On Icons: “In many ways, emoji offer us a deeply restricted world.” [TNI]
On Greener Grass: “We weren’t sure there was anyone like us in the neighborhood.” [NYT]
On Coming Clean: “Ryo’s head was like the head of a stuffed animal.” [Gothamist]
On Votes: “We have become squatters in the ruins of the great democratic societies…” [Aeon]
On Business: “…creative writing speak retains working-class metaphors.” [Millions]
On Self: “Cohen calls this the ‘bourgeois’ conception of privacy…” [Guardian]
On Westerns: “…the herdsmen taught their horses to lie flat on command…” [BBC]

08/20/14 3:12pm
battle of brooklyn

This pub crawl will be infinitely easier than the events it’s exploring. via Wikipedia

This Saturday, August 23, grab your tri-cornered fedoras and relive the Battle of Brooklyn through the eyes of a drunken Hessian mercenary. Local writer and historian Connor Gaudet will lead a free pub crawl through the area the Continental Army defended against a British assault on New York in the Revolutionary War. Gaudet will stop at and describe various key historical sites throughout the Heights of Guan (Gowanus) and, most importantly, raise a pint or two at eleven bars and pubs along the way. (more…)

08/17/14 6:00am
A painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

It’s Soooooul Mania. A painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

On Faith: “Dopamine probably fueled his brain.” [Aeon]
On Approval: “…good job, robot, I like this.” [Wired]
On Jobs: “It’s about how automation is inevitable.” [Video]
On Tourists: “However, after a month you find the novelty wearing off…” [TD]
On Humanity: “Obviously, the site isn’t journalism…” [Gawker]
On BK: “I have only survived because of my Chinese customers.” [Awl]
On Oil: “It is not down in any map; true places never are.” [Clickhole]
On Tactics: “After all, if you’ve got it, why not use it?” [New Republic]
On Policy: “Obama promises to stop genocide in Iraq and not to do ‘stupid shit,‘” [DB]
On Intended Consequences: “Critics of the law say that it promotes a shoot-first mentality.” [AJA]
On Choice: “It seems that the word should can cause us to think in black and white…” [NYMag]
On Dance: “…the gaze of 600 years ago medicalises as much as the gaze of 1996.” [Medievalist]

08/10/14 6:00am
Ate at Joe's (photo by Anna Gianfrate)

Ate at Joe’s (photo by Anna Gianfrate)

Summer is almost over, UGH. Get to the beach and read these awesome Sunday reads before it’s gone.

On Typography: “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…” [Gizmodo]
On Enforcement: “‘I never crushed anyone’s testicles,’ he says.” [GQ]
On Pandas: “‘I want your badge number!’ he yelled from the porch.” [TPR]
On Blame: “It is a terrible catastrophe but it is not our fault.” [Telegraph]
On Definition: “Imagine this paragraph being twenty years long.” [N+1]
On Formulae: “Brooklyn’s obviously very different than when we started…” [Fast.co]
On Spaces: “The biscuits are something that people remember so distinctly.” [BKLYNR]
On Decisions: “Why did they even come out to dinner just to sit in silence?” [Hairpin]
On Pills: “Ameisen, a cardiologist, claims there is a pill that cures alcoholism.” [LRB]
On Grads: “My big indulgence while I was working was hard cover books.” [Billfold]
Whereupon lulz: “Even the Scriptures were not considered too sacred to abbreviate.” [Salon]
On Nostalgia: “This anxious, ravenous speedup of nostalgia—getting wistful over goodies that never went away—is more than a reflection of the overall acceleration of digital culture, a pathetic sign of our determination to dote on every last shiny souvenir of our prolonged adolescence, and an indictment of our gutless refusal to face the rotten future like Stoic philosophers.” [Vanity Fair]

08/03/14 6:00am
“U.K. Average Income,”Occupy Liz, by Ivan Cash and Andy Dao, 2014.

“U.K. Average Income,”Occupy Liz, by Ivan Cash and Andy Dao, 2014.

Nothing’s better than breakfast and Sunday reads:

On Rules: “Meanwhile in China.” [Twitter]
On Aardvarks: “Taxonomically speaking, this is unfortunate.” [New Yorker]
On Centennials: “To the children, I say and repeat: do not make war.” [Awl]
On Musical Chairs: “On a technicality like there was no room in the courtroom!” [NYPost]
On Money: “…defacing currency as an act of political defiance.” [Slate]
On Hopelessness: “The recession has taken a toll on millennials…” [Visual.ly]
On Walls: “…note that America might be a little more broke than it wants to show. “ [Medium]
On Satisfaction: “When did rage become such a dominant emotion in my life?” [Billfold]
On Honky-Tonk: “The city is a machine for teaching people to be city-dwellers.” [Aeon]
On Never Forgetting: “Are they going to stop everyone from using the trade center…?” [NYT]
On Artifacts: “Screw the Smithsonian, the Louvre, the Prado and the Uffizi Gallery.” [Gothamist]
On Turkish Coffee: “…the air of my neighborhood smelled of bitter teargas.” [Nowhere]

07/09/14 10:46am
The New Yorker's new audiencer. Via Redditor busterbrown123

The New Yorker‘s new audiencer. Via Redditor busterbrown123

Four years ago I read an article that was one of the most well-researched, well-written pieces of journalism I had ever encountered. It was about bananas. Before that, I couldn’t name one difference between a manzano and a plantain. What could make a coarse cur like me care about cavendishes? The city’s famous martini-soaked weekly, The New Yorker. If you’re like me, though, you can’t just drop $70 on a subscription. But we’re in luck: according to The New York Times, The New Yorker is giving free online access to all of their content from 2007 to the present for three months beginning July 21. (more…)

07/08/14 1:40pm
code school

If you’re an aspiring Acid Burn, this class is for you.

Are you a woman or a minority who would love to get into software development but don’t have the money or resources to learn the skills? Google has a surprise for you. According to Business Insider, they’re offering three free months of tech lessons at Code School to thousands of women and minorities across the globe — and you could be one of them. (more…)

06/26/14 12:02pm

The Cyclone turns 87 today [NYHS]
Freedom to get obese any way you want upheld [NYP]
NYC surprisingly not the hardest place to live [NYT]
There’s a good chance the US can move to Round Two
Street View shows us how fast BK is gentrifying [Gizmodo]
Dennis Hopper disappeared for six year and took a lot of cool photos [BBC]
Man pulls a Kramer: swims in East River then disappears [Gothamist]
A map of the massive number of residential buildings going up downtown [Curbed]

06/09/14 9:47am
summer reading

Kind of like this, but at a much louder, more crowded beach. via Flickr user Haceme un 14

Yep, it’s the season for beach reads and summer reading lists. We may be stuck in our cubicles but our minds are on a tropical island somewhere, Singapore Sling in one hand and sexy summah romance novel in the other. Or if you’re like me, you’re in the shaded backyard of a bar hoping that cute girl drinking a beer one the table over there will inquire about your Norton Critical Edition of Don Quixote (the Ormsby translation, naturally) and reveal that she’s a learned scholar in all things Cervantes and would certainly love to get together for drinks and talk about 17th century European literature how’s Tuesday sound perfect here’s my number.

So what’s the rest of team Brokelyn reading this summah? (more…)

06/06/14 1:36pm
rockaway beach

Have a nice day at the beach, but know your rights. via Flickr user Oscar Rohena

After an hour bike ride with an 18-pack on your back rack, you and a bunch of buds are drinking sudsy Buds on Rockaway Beach. As the noonday sun sinks slowly, singeing sunscreened skin, you think life could be no better. Your eyes closed, the bright backs of your eyelids turn tenebrous. A shadow has fallen upon your party. An eclipse? No, no. It’s the 5-o, come to step on all that is sacred about drinking on the beach. “What’s in the cooler?” they ask. You don’t have to show them, but as with all police-related matters, Gothamist reports, you should play it cool when you mention that. (more…)