01/06/14 10:28am
The Castello Plan: sort of fancy and really fun.

The Castello Plan: one of last year’s Beer Book bars

It’s 2014 — a new year, a new beer… book. That’s right. As you were come down off of your year-end binges and three-day hangovers, we at Brokelyn have been busily prepping the 2014 Beer Book. Like last year, we’re filling our new book with some great Brooklyn bars including Beast, The Vanderbilt, The Saint Catherine, Mission Dolores, Heavy Woods, Bodega, Littleneck, South 4th Street, 706 Bar, The Diamond, Full Circle Bar, Beast of Bourbon, Miles, Glorietta Baldy and more. And also like last year, we expect it to sell out fast. Hell, we even have a waiting list from last year’s sale.

So how can you, the average brokester, get in the know-ster and snag a beer book? By signing up for our mailing list, of course! The books are coming out sometime in the next few weeks and our mailing list subscribers will be the first to hear about it. You’ll also get our weekly email with the best of Brokelyn, listings of the hottest weekend events, and chances to enter our subscriber-only contests. So if you want a heads up, sign up here.

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nyc snow bus

This could be you (if you win and have good balance)! via Facebook

Living in the city is expensive enough. We can’t even imagine how to justify the economics of getting upstate for a weekend to indulge in snow sports. That’s why we want to send two lucky ski (or board) bum newsletter subscribers on a free day trip on December 20 to Mountain Creek, NJ with the NYC Snow Bus. That’s right: our newsletter contest returns with the coolest (haha) prize yet. Here’s what the lucky winner gets:

  • FREE round-trip transportation for two on the hip NYC Snow Bus
  • Two FREE lift tickets for the day
  • Rental equipment for two discounted from $45 to $25 each (if needed).

This whole package would normally cost $97. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our mailing list. And while you’re at it, you can enjoy our curated weekend events listings and links to the best Brokelyn articles in every weekly e-mail. We’re choosing a winner at noon on Monday, December 16th, so don’t delay. Sign up and look for our weekly e-mail tomorrow afternoon with info about the contest.

11/27/13 11:20am
Save $30 on a trip like this Fall foliage hike. Via Facebook.

Save $30 on a trip like this Fall foliage hike. Via Facebook.

We got a heads-up that Discover Outdoors, one of New York’s outdoorsy guided tour companies, is offering a special deal. If you donate $20 to the new Discover Outdoors Foundation between now and Friday, you get $30 off any upcoming Discover Outdoors trip. They offer anything from wine tasting sojourns to volunteer trips to Africa. But what we like most are the guided hikes to parks throughout the northeast for all skill levels that include transportation. (more…)

11/22/13 3:45pm
This could be you! Via sumpretty.com.

This could be you! Via sumpretty.com.

Don your flame suit. The New York Sports Club is jumping on the Young Adult bandwagon by bringing back its free Hunger Games-inspired fitness class. The training includes using a bow to practice hunting your fellow man work your upper body and training on a super-steep treadmill, we suppose to outrun rabid Tyrolean farmers. The whole program is open and free to everyone, but since it’s available Monday and Friday during work hours, only school-age children could possibly attend… Remember, if you are selected to represent your district in a future post-apocalyptic fight-to-the-death spectacle, don’t waste time reaching for the quiver.

11/22/13 11:29am
Emma Straub could help you find your next favorite novel.

Emma Straub could help you find your next favorite novel at WORD.

Authors across the nation will be doing some heavy lifting on the retail front November 30th. As part of Indies First, writers will be slinging hardcovers at local bookstores to spur business and keep some of those Amazon dollars in out of Seattle. Of course Brooklyn, well known for its varied cast of established and up-and-coming authors, is taking part. On “Small Business Saturday” Bergen Street ComicsCommunity BookstoreGreenlight BookstoreThe POWERHOUSE ArenaPOWERHOUSE on 8th, and WORD will be staffed by some of our favorite local authors. (more…)

11/20/13 12:41pm
Touch glasses and souls at Living Social's Beer Fest!

Touch glasses and souls at LivingSocial’s BeerFest!

Feel a deep emptiness in your life? Have an yawning cavity of loneliness that just won’t stop hurting? There’s only one solution. No, it’s not turning to the faith that your parents raised you in. It isn’t giving back to the community or volunteering. And it sure as hell ain’t climbing a mountain to consult with a yogi. It’s booze, dummy. Grab your cups because we’re giving away one of our newsletter subscribers something awesome: two VIP passes to LivingSocial’s BeerFest at One Hanson Place!

That’s right — our newsletter contest is back. The winner gets to take a friend to any one of the three party sessions happening on Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7. These tickets, worth $60 apiece, give you: (more…)

11/19/13 12:00pm

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11/15/13 12:26pm
Spicy Hot Chocolate from Beaner Bar

Spicy Hot Chocolate from Beaner Bar

The McCarren Park ice rink opens up today. And if there is anything we’ve learned from late-80s/early-90s romantic comedies, it’s that ice skating is the perfect place to take a date. If you’re good at it, you can show off. If you’re bad at it, you’ll have an excuse to hold hands.

When you’re done doing triple-lutzes (or falling on butt-ses), you can go warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. We found five great, cozy cafes within walking distance of the rink where you can cuddle up with your guy or gal and sip cocoa like kings. (more…)

11/14/13 8:47am
Hang this on your wall: "Lehigh Valley at Red Hook" by Ella Yang

Hang this on your wall: “Lehigh Valley at Red Hook” by Ella Yang

Shout out something right now. Hear that? That’s the echo from your bare walls, you bum. Yeah, sure, you just painted… three months ago. No one is going to want to sleep with you if your room looks like a monastic cell. And, no, you cannot put that Bob Marley poster back up. You have to get some real art. And don’t complain that you’re too poor, because the Brooklyn Art Council’s AccessArt affordable art show is this Sunday from 3pm to 5pm. The sweet deal is, every piece of art costs either $100 or $200. For just $25, you can browse through all the art from some of Brooklyn’s best artists, and every sale goes towards funding the BAC’s efforts to provide grants, professional development and other help to young artists. (more…)