02/22/15 4:30am
Left in Las Vegas (via Medium)

Left in Las Vegas (via Medium)

On Support: “We ignore them to death.” [NR]
On a Roll: “Was it always this rough?” [Grubstreet]
On the Screen: “I’M LOVIN’ IT, I PROMISE I’M LOVIN’ IT!” [FastCo]
On Chasers: “…an unpaid speeding ticket can land you in jail.” [CNN]
On Ends: “And yet others pass by more quietly.” [Lapham's Quarterly]
On Long Shots: “Are you interested in keeping your child alive?“ [Reductress]
On Deaths: “Epically scaled neon signs and letters loomed over us…” [Medium]
On Lines: “The distinction between apostate and sinner may appear subtle…” [Atlantic]

02/15/15 4:30am

Wish you were here. [via The Smithsonian]

Wish you were here. [via The Smithsonian]

On Placement: “The bar is where it’s at.” [Yahoo]
On Tape: “It has changed our world.” [Telegraph]
On Feedback: “Welcome to the Internet of Things.” [Slate]
On Hold: “Our lives fundamentally suck because of it.” [Vice]
On Correlations: “Today, the abortion hypothesis holds less water.” [TMP]
On Bucks: “Many of the teachers noted their students’ need for a solid education.” [EW]
On Sounds: “The above two reasons have pushed young people out of the region…” [CityLab]

02/08/15 4:30am

Two steps… back [via WaitButWhy]

On Lasts: “Will it be a nice God?” [WBW]
On Route: “time-for-maps likes this” [mapporn]
On The New Poverty: “Another week, another breathless report…” [WaPo]
On Bucks: “How much money is currently in your bank accounts?” [Medium]
On Personality: “Every protest imaginable was at one time held there.” [reddit]
On Menaces: “Not everybody is taking the feline bully seriously, though.” [Time]
On Doomed to Repeat: “…even the greatest moralists … never criticised slavery.” [Guardian]
On This Is Important So What Are You Going To Do About It?: “About $8 billion is spent each year for New York City residences that cost more than $5 million each…” [NY]

01/26/15 11:29am
Tastes enough like meat that you'll wonder if it actually is.

Tastes enough like meat that you’ll wonder if it actually is.

The city might be gearing up for a snowpocalypse at the moment, but don’t let that distract you from the important things. For instance, you have about three hours to snag your free Chipotle burrito before the entire city implodes in a cloud of powdery snow. What’s that? You haven’t heard about the burrito chain’s big push to bring its Sofritas vegan burrito to the masses? Well, the deal is, you buy one of their new tofu-based gut-bombs and you can get another free burrito of any type in the future. The only catch? You have to eat tofu and you can only use your voucher between tomorrow and February 28. (more…)

01/25/15 4:30am
Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

On Bubbles: “$100.4 Million” [NYT]
On the Clock: “Time no longer seems unlimited…” [Nation]
On Goals: “So, you want to be a professional adventurer?” [AH]
On Similarities: “‘It isn’t just chasing clicks,’ she says.“ [Gigaom]
On the Rocks: “…Death Valley is one giggle after another.” [LAT]
On Rebuilding: “Overgrown lots and stray dogs remain in the area.” [Curbed]
On Concerns: “Our concern is not with the proverbial “few bad apples…” [Medium]
On High: “…with Steinmetz and his camera hanging out of the open door.” [New Yorker]
On Landscapes: “I suspect people are starting to notice that I have lost my mind.” [Berfois]
On Demon Rum: “That’s 5,554 deaths and 157,132 hospital admissions a year…” [Guardian]


Alchemy Restaurant & Tavern
56 5th Ave. (5th Ave. and Bergen St.), Park Slope

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: A cozy, low-key pub in Park Slope with a rotating set of hard-to-find beers, an extensive cocktail menu, and excellent food.

Why we love it: Alchemy is the perfect place for a date, a casual meal, or enjoying a quiet drink and a book. Its die-hard set of regulars and bartenders who remember your name make it feel like a local pub. You’ll also find secluded tables and booths if you’re looking for a little privacy and a great outdoor patio if you’re looking to chill outside during the summer. Need WiFi? They’ve got that, too.

You won’t find greasy bar food here. Four different menus — breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner — have something for the vegan, the veggie, the foodie, or the guy who just wants a good burger. The chorizo eggs (brunch) is a great way to start a Sunday, while the wild mushroom barley risotto with truffle oil (dinner) is one of the many uncommon treats you can share with a date. And if you do have a hankering for some chicken wings, you can get those, too, during the way affordable weekday happy hour.

What to order: Alchemy’s beers rotate every couple of weeks, but you’ll always find a stout, an IPA, a pilsner, an ale, and special seasonal beers on tap. Pair one with the gooey shells and cheese or the Monday Mussels deal—a dozen mussels for six bucks!

Regular tip: The bar was named Alchemy because at the time the owner was reading up on the ancient art of chrysopoeia, thanks to the Da Vinci Code.

01/18/15 4:30am
A drone's eye view of Coney (via technical.ly)

A drone’s eye view of Coney (via technical.ly)

On the Screen: “…the unexpected virtue of ignorance…” [EL]
On Arms: “The recovered weapon had already been fired.” [7Online]
Off Piste: “An accepted risk is congruent with these places.” [Powder]
On Making It: “…we lose our context, and the urban fabric frays.” [Slate]
On Plants: “…the alleged snitch was either unreliable or non-existent. [NYDN]
On Deals: “Send your postcards from Paris to ECB chief Mario Draghi…” [WP]
On Rituals: “The study won’t be cheered by the booming wedding industry…” [CNN]
On Hygiene: “Danielle Lapico 36, of Manhattan, says she’ll take her chances.” [NYP]
On Wings: “…filmmakers are going ahead and putting the devices into the wild…” [technical.ly]

The Gate

The Gate321 Fifth Ave. at 3rd St, Park Slope, 718-768-4329

What is it: Park Slope’s original craft beer pioneer, now in their 19th year. Huge beer selection, specialty bottles, vintage ales.

Why we love it: When you first enter the Gate you wonder where the bartenders went – turns out you couldn’t see them behind the row of beer taps. Their selection is enormous and they have a beer for any craving you may have, whether hoppy, light, malty or stout. The bar is peopled by friendly locals. When the weather’s nice, the spacious outdoor deck is the place to be – if you can find a seat. Wide-open people watching and views of the historic Old Stone House where the Battle of Brooklyn raged 239 years ago.

What to order: The beer selection rotates often and seasonally, but if you’re looking for something special, try the vintage ales in their legendary stock cellar. 

Regular tip: The Gate is definitively a “local” inspired by the owners love of the pubs in Ireland’s Slieve Anieran mountains where the “eternal peat fire” burns.

01/11/15 4:30am

je-suis-charlie-800x495On History: “What did they replace?” [BHB]
On Exoneration: “I think he should be in prison.” [NYP]
On Grand Plans: “… big enough to ‘take an elephant’…” [AO]
On Punts: “Maybe it was injured, or maybe it’s fine…” [NYDN]
On Quick Thinking: “#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies” [DC]
On Your Turn: “And if we do, we are playing their game.” [Reddit]
On Flight: “The French Republic will be judged a failure.” [Atlantic]
On Hearts and Minds: “Al-Qaeda wants to mentally colonize French Muslims.” [JC]
On Training: “The difference today is the skill with which the attacks were carried out.” [FA]
On Best Guesses: “But there are also developments that are difficult to imagine in 2015.” [QZ]

01/04/15 4:30am
Look familiar? (via Slate)

Look familiar? (via Slate)

On the Surface: “What are they? Aliens, of course.” [Nautilus]
On Gratuitous Info: “The top tipping neighborhood?” [IQNY]
On Hours: “You know that means absolutely nothing, right?” [Medium]
On Sweet Spots: “It took me a few days to realize it was serious.” [NYT]
On Mensch: “Uber plans to do away with human cab drivers.” [Stallman]
On the Land: “We meant for Joan of Arc’s end to be merciful…” [Narratively]
On Beauty: “…every three seconds, a Barbie doll is sold somewhere in the world.” [Slate]
On Absence: “‘They were going to live on the top floor of our home,’ his mother said.” [NYP]