10/19/14 6:00am

Shots fired across the bow in Crown Heights. [via the Village Voice]

Shots fired across the bow in Crown Heights. [via the Village Voice]

On No Duhs: “There is no shortage of Starbucks in New York City.” [VV]
On No Exit: “When he was finally released, he wrote: ‘I’m free.’” [Guardian]
On Displacement: “…a group of cyclists recently donned car costumes…” [LS]
On Stardom: “But I saw your map. Are you here in search of gems?” [Appendix]
On Dumb Overreactions: “…at least one student was already worried…” [WaPo]
On Standard Deviation: “But what, really, does it mean to be Brooklyn?” [Atlantic]
On His Majesty: “…you’ll find that “‘czar” … is a relatively meaningless term.” [Verge]
On Noms de Guerre: “Basic rolls beautifully off the tongue. It’s a useful insult.” [NYM]
On He Is Us: “I’ve been known to travel great distances for well-prepared grits.” [NYT]
On Models: “I joined, out of a pitiful vanity and because I thought I would get laid.” [Billfold]
On Simon Says Clap: “The world of audience work is hierarchically organized…” [Narrative.ly]
On Plights: “The life of the humble biomedical postdoctoral researcher was never easy…” [BG]

10/12/14 6:00am
Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

On Where the Heart Is: “I guess you could call it urban camping.” [NYT]
On Reality: “A trip into Real America is above all a test of faith.” [Gawker]
On Being Out of Our Depths: “Higher sea level leads to higher tides…” [NR]
On Last Rites: ”It wasn’t just over there. I brought it back here with me.“ [FP]
On Tags: “These communities gave an insider feel to graffiti culture.” [Dissent]
On Appellations: “The name doesn’t have some clever double-meaning…” [Awl]
On Paradise Lost: “…she fell like a sack of flour dropped from a truck.” [Longform]
On Wait Watchers: “They tend to … seize opportunities that come up.” [Atlantic]
On Nothing to Lose: “Like many of her peers, Andre wants more than a job.” [NPR]
On Pings: “There was only one instruction: ‘Avoid missing ball for high score.’” [Slate]
On Reflexive Actions: “…many revealed secrets that they had never told anyone…” [NYMag]
On Street Smarts: “City raccoons also appear smarter than their rural counterparts.” [Nautilus]

10/05/14 6:00am
Students with a very good reason to be happy. (via Thinkprogress)

Students with a very good reason to be happy. (via ThinkProgress)

On Swings: “Greg Maddux! On top of a fire truck!” [SBNation]
On Weed: “The stakes, as advertised at the event, were ‘high.’” [NYP]
On the Young and the Debt-less: “Tuition fees are unjust…” [ThinkProgress]
On Flight: “Opportunities abroad, however, seem to be on the upswing.” [NR]
On Shorts: “‘Do you like short stories?’ he asks between mixing drinks.” [NYT]
On Living Daylights: “Such mental failures should perhaps not surprise us.” [BBC]
On Returns: ”No happiness was attached to the word ‘Angola’, no lightness.” [CC]
On Wetware: “I don’t worry that we’ll become dumb because of the Internet,” [PRI]
On Flashes: “I wish to go into the blue universe again next year to photograph.” [Atlantic]
On Lines: “Wallace messed up, and a person lost his shoulder in the process.” [Narratively]
On Crown Jewels: “…the immediate neighborhood is redolent with a nutmeg-like odor.” [FNY]
On Total-Ignorance-of-Media-Ethics: “also, he was an associate editor not an editor” [Gawker]
On What Plants Crave: “Sometimes in comedy, graphics are the straight man…” [TriviaHappy]

09/28/14 3:00am
The sun sets on AC. (via WaPo)

The sun sets on AC. (via WaPo)

On Order: “Hooters just wasn’t racy enough…” [NYP]
On Sharing: “It’s part of the San Francisco experience…” [NYM]
On Toast: “We were able to pay our writers right away…” [DIGIDAY]
On Trump Cards: “…it’s a town that gets beneath the skin…” [WaPo]
On Downsizing: “Because, here’s the thing: housing costs a ton.” [Medium]
On Culpability: “Want to meet at my dorm? Less carrying for me.” [The Cut]
On Leaks: “’Something is very wrong,’ they said. ‘We are worried.‘” [Buzzfeed]
On Theft: “Where the two intersect, what could possibly go wrong?” [ArsTechnica]
On Dimes: “Eventually, Gray found a phone and his wife recovered…” [Smithsonian]
On Films: “What’s crazy is that none of us know [what’s going to happen].” [SplitSider]
On Spikes: “With the Convention’s end, four months of intense activity began.” [RailFan]

09/21/14 6:00am
Where the hip hang out. (via New Republic)

Parliamentary buildings: where the hip hang out. (via New Republic)

On Choice: “The pizza must fit in the oven.” [WaPo]
On Chivalry: “His rule? ‘You invite, you pay.’” [The Atlantic]
On Gigs: “Was my house cleaner … homeless?” [New Yorker]
On Geil: “Berlin isn’t the only city trying to sell itself as ‘poor but sexy.’” [NR]
On Sunrises: “As you may have heard, things are happening in Sunset Park.” [6sqft]
On Safety: “A bike rider is flesh, bones, tendons and skin against a two-ton S.U.V.” [NYT]
On Vines: “…citizen-captured footage has become a vital part of conflict coverage…” [Medium]
On Video Games: “I’ve spent a few days inside the body of an angry Hugh Jackman-lookalike.” [Time]
On Old-is-New-Again: “Throughout the restoration, we’ve only gotten a few glimpses inside…” [Curbed]

09/14/14 6:00am
Screen shot from "STREETS - NEW YORK CITY" by Tim Sessler

Screen shot from “STREETS – NEW YORK CITY” by Tim Sessler

On Dope: “It’s so sad that Bruce Wayne died, isn’t it?” [The Toast]
On Wetware: “Love is a rose, but you better not pick it…” [Chronicle]
On Motion: No editorializing on this one. This is just worth it. [Vimeo]
On Stature: “All of a sudden, I was very aware that I was different…” [NYMag]
On Speed: “…the protected bike lanes … actually improved travel times …” [Citylab]
On Black Markets: “Is there even such a thing as double-never-ending?” [GrubStreet]
On Adulthood: “… the man-boys simply refused to grow up, and did so proudly.” [NYT]
On Chance: “I have no desire … to go to war with people I have nothing against.” [Narratively]
On Dives: “I am not saying that Cheers is the closest we’ll come to Plato’s Republic…” [Newsweek]
On Soul: “You would have thought that, 13 years after the attacks of 9/11, the outcome of the largest and most closely watched building project in the United States would be clearer.” [Guardian]

09/12/14 2:21pm
Books in the best borough! (via BBF Flickr)

Books in the best borough! (via BBF Flickr)

September bring crisp fall air, back to school, leaves on the ground, and the Brooklyn Book Festival! Marty Markowitz may be gone, and we might not get to see Tony Danza rap again, but this year’s festival looks like it’s going to kick ass. There are also a lot of cool bookend events going the week leading up to the festival. We combed through the long list of events and found the ones that we think you should go to. Check them out below. (more…)

09/07/14 6:00am
Get 'em while they're hot. (via Medium)

Get ‘em while they’re hot. (via Medium)

On Changes: “EV NY: 30 yrs and now” [Daniel Root]
On Honey: “Hey, bro, are you a flower?” [The Oatmeal]
On Bees: “Well, you’ll have to be okay with being that guy.” [Nautilus]
On Burdens: “May it not be you. May it not be your father.” [TNI]
On Loss: “Suggested rebranding for 2065: ‘Death Valley Annex.’” [Medium]
On Crime: “And the rising tide is definitely not lifting all boats.” [Bloomberg]
On Punishment: “…McLaw was involuntarily committed for evaluation.” [Atlantic]
On Bread and Circuses: “Flaunting your wealth has been elevated to new lows…” [PS]
On Outerwear: “I have never purchased anything Kanye West has ever yelled about.” [Cut]
On Art?: “…she makes up to $30K per month … from her Cum for Bigfoot series.” [Uproxx]
On Dead Horses: “A Take Time of this magnitude spares only the silent and disengaged.” [Awl]
On Power: “‘UberEverywhere’ isn’t a joke. It’s a mantra, a call to arms, a holy ideology.” [Salon]


08/31/14 6:00am
New drugs, old methods. (via AJA)

New drugs, old methods. (via AJA)

On Sushi: “That’s like shaking your wanker in public.” [Vice]
On Chateaux: “It is what we all dream for ourselves.” [Medievalists]
On Drugs: “He’d sprinkle it in, light me up and bye bye!” [Mashable]
On Movement: “You know what? Screw it. I’m going to Richmond…” [AJA]
On Habits: “…the computer made 100 drinkable cups and no errors.” [FastCo]
On Release: “…almost everyone has peed in the ocean at some stage in their lives…” [ACS]
On Prophets: “…in Andrew W.K., we have a philosopher for these crazy times.” [FlavorWire]
On Hopes: “If you would go out there and look at Marine Park, you would understand…” [PR]
On Work: “Just because we have privilege doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our lives.” [New Republic]
On Solitude: “When I mentioned Thoreau, … Chris dismissed him with a single word: ‘dilettante.’” [GQ]
On Planning: “Once heralded as a firm commitment to an event in the future, a plan is now largely considered to be a string of noncommittal text messages leading up to a series of potential, though unlikely, events.” [Alex Cornell]

08/27/14 12:00pm

Finally, Bushwick gets the gravitas it deserves [New Yorker]
Uber’s scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage! [The Verge]
Aaaand a fake cabbie tried to rape a woman [DNAInfo]
4th Avenue development marches on [Observer]
C-Sections can take a big cut of your budget [Billfold]
Seven years on and we’re still talking about the Sopranos [Decider]
Strange how 9 of the 10 best restaurants in Crown Heights opened in the past three years [VV]