09/14/14 6:00am
Screen shot from "STREETS - NEW YORK CITY" by Tim Sessler

Screen shot from “STREETS – NEW YORK CITY” by Tim Sessler

On Dope: “It’s so sad that Bruce Wayne died, isn’t it?” [The Toast]
On Wetware: “Love is a rose, but you better not pick it…” [Chronicle]
On Motion: No editorializing on this one. This is just worth it. [Vimeo]
On Stature: “All of a sudden, I was very aware that I was different…” [NYMag]
On Speed: “…the protected bike lanes … actually improved travel times …” [Citylab]
On Black Markets: “Is there even such a thing as double-never-ending?” [GrubStreet]
On Adulthood: “… the man-boys simply refused to grow up, and did so proudly.” [NYT]
On Chance: “I have no desire … to go to war with people I have nothing against.” [Narratively]
On Dives: “I am not saying that Cheers is the closest we’ll come to Plato’s Republic…” [Newsweek]
On Soul: “You would have thought that, 13 years after the attacks of 9/11, the outcome of the largest and most closely watched building project in the United States would be clearer.” [Guardian]

09/12/14 2:21pm
Books in the best borough! (via BBF Flickr)

Books in the best borough! (via BBF Flickr)

September bring crisp fall air, back to school, leaves on the ground, and the Brooklyn Book Festival! Marty Markowitz may be gone, and we might not get to see Tony Danza rap again, but this year’s festival looks like it’s going to kick ass. There are also a lot of cool bookend events going the week leading up to the festival. We combed through the long list of events and found the ones that we think you should go to. Check them out below. (more…)

09/07/14 6:00am
Get 'em while they're hot. (via Medium)

Get ‘em while they’re hot. (via Medium)

On Changes: “EV NY: 30 yrs and now” [Daniel Root]
On Honey: “Hey, bro, are you a flower?” [The Oatmeal]
On Bees: “Well, you’ll have to be okay with being that guy.” [Nautilus]
On Burdens: “May it not be you. May it not be your father.” [TNI]
On Loss: “Suggested rebranding for 2065: ‘Death Valley Annex.’” [Medium]
On Crime: “And the rising tide is definitely not lifting all boats.” [Bloomberg]
On Punishment: “…McLaw was involuntarily committed for evaluation.” [Atlantic]
On Bread and Circuses: “Flaunting your wealth has been elevated to new lows…” [PS]
On Outerwear: “I have never purchased anything Kanye West has ever yelled about.” [Cut]
On Art?: “…she makes up to $30K per month … from her Cum for Bigfoot series.” [Uproxx]
On Dead Horses: “A Take Time of this magnitude spares only the silent and disengaged.” [Awl]
On Power: “‘UberEverywhere’ isn’t a joke. It’s a mantra, a call to arms, a holy ideology.” [Salon]


08/31/14 6:00am
New drugs, old methods. (via AJA)

New drugs, old methods. (via AJA)

On Sushi: “That’s like shaking your wanker in public.” [Vice]
On Chateaux: “It is what we all dream for ourselves.” [Medievalists]
On Drugs: “He’d sprinkle it in, light me up and bye bye!” [Mashable]
On Movement: “You know what? Screw it. I’m going to Richmond…” [AJA]
On Habits: “…the computer made 100 drinkable cups and no errors.” [FastCo]
On Release: “…almost everyone has peed in the ocean at some stage in their lives…” [ACS]
On Prophets: “…in Andrew W.K., we have a philosopher for these crazy times.” [FlavorWire]
On Hopes: “If you would go out there and look at Marine Park, you would understand…” [PR]
On Work: “Just because we have privilege doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our lives.” [New Republic]
On Solitude: “When I mentioned Thoreau, … Chris dismissed him with a single word: ‘dilettante.’” [GQ]
On Planning: “Once heralded as a firm commitment to an event in the future, a plan is now largely considered to be a string of noncommittal text messages leading up to a series of potential, though unlikely, events.” [Alex Cornell]

08/27/14 12:00pm

Finally, Bushwick gets the gravitas it deserves [New Yorker]
Uber’s scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage! [The Verge]
Aaaand a fake cabbie tried to rape a woman [DNAInfo]
4th Avenue development marches on [Observer]
C-Sections can take a big cut of your budget [Billfold]
Seven years on and we’re still talking about the Sopranos [Decider]
Strange how 9 of the 10 best restaurants in Crown Heights opened in the past three years [VV]

08/24/14 6:00am
Observe some spiritual malaise at a distance (via Open Culture)

Observe some spiritual malaise at a distance (via Open Culture)

On Thirst: “How serious is California drought?” [imgur]
On Doubt: “‘I am a ridiculous person,’ the story begins…” [OC]
On Humor: “In The Simpsons writing room, 1992.” [Twitter]
On “Humor”: “‘Funny’ only becomes possible when people share the same points of reference.” [SS]
On Particulars: “[We] peed in the middle of the road.” [Narratively]
On Particulates: “One’s grandfather’s penis was, on average, two centimeters longer…” [Medium]
On Messages: “Getting an email address was once a nerdy right of passage…” [Atlantic]
On Icons: “In many ways, emoji offer us a deeply restricted world.” [TNI]
On Greener Grass: “We weren’t sure there was anyone like us in the neighborhood.” [NYT]
On Coming Clean: “Ryo’s head was like the head of a stuffed animal.” [Gothamist]
On Votes: “We have become squatters in the ruins of the great democratic societies…” [Aeon]
On Business: “…creative writing speak retains working-class metaphors.” [Millions]
On Self: “Cohen calls this the ‘bourgeois’ conception of privacy…” [Guardian]
On Westerns: “…the herdsmen taught their horses to lie flat on command…” [BBC]

08/20/14 3:12pm
battle of brooklyn

This pub crawl will be infinitely easier than the events it’s exploring. via Wikipedia

This Saturday, August 23, grab your tri-cornered fedoras and relive the Battle of Brooklyn through the eyes of a drunken Hessian mercenary. Local writer and historian Connor Gaudet will lead a free pub crawl through the area the Continental Army defended against a British assault on New York in the Revolutionary War. Gaudet will stop at and describe various key historical sites throughout the Heights of Guan (Gowanus) and, most importantly, raise a pint or two at eleven bars and pubs along the way. (more…)

08/17/14 6:00am
A painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

It’s Soooooul Mania. A painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

On Faith: “Dopamine probably fueled his brain.” [Aeon]
On Approval: “…good job, robot, I like this.” [Wired]
On Jobs: “It’s about how automation is inevitable.” [Video]
On Tourists: “However, after a month you find the novelty wearing off…” [TD]
On Humanity: “Obviously, the site isn’t journalism…” [Gawker]
On BK: “I have only survived because of my Chinese customers.” [Awl]
On Oil: “It is not down in any map; true places never are.” [Clickhole]
On Tactics: “After all, if you’ve got it, why not use it?” [New Republic]
On Policy: “Obama promises to stop genocide in Iraq and not to do ‘stupid shit,‘” [DB]
On Intended Consequences: “Critics of the law say that it promotes a shoot-first mentality.” [AJA]
On Choice: “It seems that the word should can cause us to think in black and white…” [NYMag]
On Dance: “…the gaze of 600 years ago medicalises as much as the gaze of 1996.” [Medievalist]

08/10/14 6:00am
Ate at Joe's (photo by Anna Gianfrate)

Ate at Joe’s (photo by Anna Gianfrate)

Summer is almost over, UGH. Get to the beach and read these awesome Sunday reads before it’s gone.

On Typography: “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…” [Gizmodo]
On Enforcement: “‘I never crushed anyone’s testicles,’ he says.” [GQ]
On Pandas: “‘I want your badge number!’ he yelled from the porch.” [TPR]
On Blame: “It is a terrible catastrophe but it is not our fault.” [Telegraph]
On Definition: “Imagine this paragraph being twenty years long.” [N+1]
On Formulae: “Brooklyn’s obviously very different than when we started…” [Fast.co]
On Spaces: “The biscuits are something that people remember so distinctly.” [BKLYNR]
On Decisions: “Why did they even come out to dinner just to sit in silence?” [Hairpin]
On Pills: “Ameisen, a cardiologist, claims there is a pill that cures alcoholism.” [LRB]
On Grads: “My big indulgence while I was working was hard cover books.” [Billfold]
Whereupon lulz: “Even the Scriptures were not considered too sacred to abbreviate.” [Salon]
On Nostalgia: “This anxious, ravenous speedup of nostalgia—getting wistful over goodies that never went away—is more than a reflection of the overall acceleration of digital culture, a pathetic sign of our determination to dote on every last shiny souvenir of our prolonged adolescence, and an indictment of our gutless refusal to face the rotten future like Stoic philosophers.” [Vanity Fair]

08/03/14 6:00am
“U.K. Average Income,”Occupy Liz, by Ivan Cash and Andy Dao, 2014.

“U.K. Average Income,”Occupy Liz, by Ivan Cash and Andy Dao, 2014.

Nothing’s better than breakfast and Sunday reads:

On Rules: “Meanwhile in China.” [Twitter]
On Aardvarks: “Taxonomically speaking, this is unfortunate.” [New Yorker]
On Centennials: “To the children, I say and repeat: do not make war.” [Awl]
On Musical Chairs: “On a technicality like there was no room in the courtroom!” [NYPost]
On Money: “…defacing currency as an act of political defiance.” [Slate]
On Hopelessness: “The recession has taken a toll on millennials…” [Visual.ly]
On Walls: “…note that America might be a little more broke than it wants to show. “ [Medium]
On Satisfaction: “When did rage become such a dominant emotion in my life?” [Billfold]
On Honky-Tonk: “The city is a machine for teaching people to be city-dwellers.” [Aeon]
On Never Forgetting: “Are they going to stop everyone from using the trade center…?” [NYT]
On Artifacts: “Screw the Smithsonian, the Louvre, the Prado and the Uffizi Gallery.” [Gothamist]
On Turkish Coffee: “…the air of my neighborhood smelled of bitter teargas.” [Nowhere]