07/29/15 2:24pm
Business dog is all business, via Petfinder

Business dog is all business, via Petfinder

Considering getting a dog or a cat? Have you been browsing /r/aww obsessively? This Saturday is your chance to find a cute companion at the Prospect Park Adoptapalooza. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals will show off more than 150 dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies which you can adopt right on the spot. There are also free activities and giveaways at the event even if you’re not yet ready for a furry friend. (more…)

07/24/15 2:12pm
Coincidentally, these maps match up with the "New Headlights Purchased" map.

Coincidentally, these maps match up with the “New Headlights Purchased” map.

Look out, cyclists: there’s one place in NYC where motorcars are gunning to kill you: Clinton Hill and Fort Greene. Auto Insurance Center analyzed traffic collision data from the past twelve months and found that the 88th precinct, home to the Pratt Institute and Susan Sarandon, has the most cyclist injuries (7.7) per 100 collisions, quadruple the city’s precinct average. What’s going on here? Are late-night munchie runs sending student cyclists to the hospital? Is the BAFTA Award winning actress taking out her aggression on two-wheeled vehicles? Or is something else going on? (more…)

04/17/15 3:46pm
They made it look easy enough

They made it look easy enough

Sweet summer camp: the best way to spend vacation running around, making crafts, and forging friendships that would last well into September. At our age we’re way outside of the camp target demographic (we refuse to acknowledge adult summer camp). But if you are still a kid at heart and long for the fun of camp without leaving the city, consider working for the YMCA as a summer day camp counselor. They’re holding camp counselor job fairs all over the city tomorrow, April 18. (more…)

04/10/15 12:00pm

Welcome the world’s littlest knight. [NYP]
Yeah, you’ll never own a home in Brooklyn. [Crain’s]
Touring Lower Manhattan with a 1997 Lonely Planet guide. [H&F]
Broken Angel is now like everyother vapid, soulless condo. [Brownstoner]
Sorry. You’re going to have to wait to spend $400 on an Apple Watch. [WaPo]
“Oh (expletive)…He’s going to lose his pension, lose his life, for $2,600?” [7Online]
You’re saying developer tax-subsidies are being abused? I’m shocked, SHOCKED! [DNAInfo]

03/23/15 1:00pm

The Way Station

The Way Station
683 Washington Ave. between Prospect Place and St. Marks Avenue
Prospect Heights
(347) 627-4949


What is it: A steampunk, sci-fi bar and nerdvana with whovian mixed drinks and decor.

Why we love it: It’s the bar you’d find on lonely outpost in an asteroid belt, were Victorian England to have colonized space. This place is no slap-dash Trekker bar; it’s a love note to classic sci-fi (like Doctor Who) with red vinyl booths, brass-fitted beer taps, and ray guns behind the wall. Add to that one or two musical acts almost every night on an intimate stage and you have an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Brooklyn. Bring anyone with an opinion on which Doctor was the best or your friend who goes to steam punk cos-play. Friday afternoons are teacher appreciation happy hours: “All funds (a.k.a. fines charged to bar patrons for poor public behavior) collected in the bar’s ‘Douche Jar’ go towards an emergency teacher fund to help with parking tickets, budget cuts or other inconveniences experienced at their job.”

What to order: Any one of their cocktails. We love the Dark and Stormaggedon which is ginger beer, rum, and lime.

Regular tip: The toilet is a recreation of the Doctor Who TARDIS time machine/space ship, a British police call box that is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

03/19/15 11:00am
Probably a better option once your monthly runs out.

Probably a better option once your monthly runs out.

As the ugly MTA fare hike looms over us, we at Brokelyn have been looking through our couch cushions in desperate search of the monthly MetroCards we’ve been holding on to for when we get a “real” job that forces us to use the best/worst subway system in the world. Why? Because that obscenely-expensive $112 30-day card we bought after the last fare hike is going to be worth less than the Weimar Papiermark come March 29th.


koda bushwick

Sure, the price is from another century, but make sure your tips aren’t. via Koda

Last Wednesday we told you about what we thought would be a one-time $1 beer deal at Bushwick’s Koda to help usher in the warm weather. After drinking a few last week, we sorely wanted this to be a regular thing. We reached out to Koda and they gave us the inside scoop: last week’s special worked so well they’re continuing their $1 beer deal throughout the spring season! (more…)

koda bushwick

Here be $1 beers. via Koda

Spring! It’s finally here! We are so used to bracing ourselves against the arctic blast after leaving the subway that we were practically throwing our clothes off at 42nd Street today. Old habits do die hard, though, like our propensity to drink constantly just to make our way through winter. (Really the only thing keeping us warm was the burning sensation where our liver should be.) No matter. Let’s celebrate the warm weather by drinking dollar beers, which Bushwick Daily helpfully pointed out is exactly what’s bring offered at Koda today. (more…)

02/22/15 4:30am
Left in Las Vegas (via Medium)

Left in Las Vegas (via Medium)

On Support: “We ignore them to death.” [NR]
On a Roll: “Was it always this rough?” [Grubstreet]
On the Screen: “I’M LOVIN’ IT, I PROMISE I’M LOVIN’ IT!” [FastCo]
On Chasers: “…an unpaid speeding ticket can land you in jail.” [CNN]
On Ends: “And yet others pass by more quietly.” [Lapham’s Quarterly]
On Long Shots: “Are you interested in keeping your child alive?” [Reductress]
On Deaths: “Epically scaled neon signs and letters loomed over us…” [Medium]
On Lines: “The distinction between apostate and sinner may appear subtle…” [Atlantic]

02/15/15 4:30am

Wish you were here. [via The Smithsonian]

Wish you were here. [via The Smithsonian]

On Placement: “The bar is where it’s at.” [Yahoo]
On Tape: “It has changed our world.” [Telegraph]
On Feedback: “Welcome to the Internet of Things.” [Slate]
On Hold: “Our lives fundamentally suck because of it.” [Vice]
On Correlations: “Today, the abortion hypothesis holds less water.” [TMP]
On Bucks: “Many of the teachers noted their students’ need for a solid education.” [EW]
On Sounds: “The above two reasons have pushed young people out of the region…” [CityLab]