07/29/14 11:30am

rosamunde 1

Rosamunde   Food Wifi

285 Bedford Ave
(718) 388-2170


rosamunde 3What it is: The west coast outpost of a California institution, Rosamunde is known for it’s impressive selection of sausages and craft beers.

Why we love it: Walking down Bedford, you’d never know this unassuming, laid-back bar serves about a billion different types of sausages and beer. Ok, not a billion, but they have more than two dozen artisanal sausage varieties (including a handful of vegan options), 24 rotating craft beers (with 2 nitro taps!), and bartenders who will wait patiently while you rosamunde 4mull over the perfect pairing. They also have a build-your-own bloody mary bar, which means they give you a glass with vodka and ice and then usher you over to a table stocked with over a dozen types of bloody mary mixes.

Who to bring: Rosamunde is neutral ground for vegans and meat-lovers alike, so bring your militant vegan friend and your meat snob friend and have them make peace over a communal table.

What to order: Get the grilled sausage on a french roll–the cheddar bratwurst does not disappoint. When you’re done, get another. Be sure to visit the condiment bar to ensure maximum topping satisfaction. As for beer, get a flight and try them all.

Fun fact: Rosamunde also offers cask beer, otherwise known as “real” ale, which probably gets your “real” drunk, right?—Thea Blise

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07/24/14 11:20am


Brooklyn Ice House Cash Only  Food Games Outdoor Space 

318 Van Brunt St.
(between Pioneer & King)
Red Hook
(718) 222-1865


What is it? Far away hideaway; premier saloon of Red Hook’s Wild West.

Why we love it: A solid jukebox, a pile of board games, a food smoker, and an expansive backyard that invites all-day and all-night drinking, make it worth the trek if you’re coming from other parts of the borough. The friendly, come-one-come-all mentality of the staff and regulars doesn’t hurt.

Who to bring: That friend of yours who keeps saying he wants to explore Red Hook; your bike-riding partner; anybody who thinks dive bars in Brooklyn are affected.

What to order: Two pulled pork sandwiches for $5. One of the 60 beers on tap from around the world.

Fun fact:Just two weeks after Sandy inundated the bar’s basement, wiping out refrigerators, freezers, electrical equipment and a vast supply of beer and liquor, the Van Brunt mainstay reopened its doors to the thirsty post-hurricane masses.—Kate Mooney

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07/22/14 12:33pm
Photo by Sarah Gainer

Photo by Sarah Gainer

South   Food Games Outdoor Space 

629 5th Ave.
South Slope
(718) 832-4720


What it is: A neighborhood joint that serves up 40 beers, varying types of grilled cheeses and a whole lot of friendly vibes.

Why we love it: This is a great place to stop in, grab a beer, eat too much free popcorn, realize you’ve only had 1/40th of their beer menu, get some more beers, realize your are at 5/40th of their drink menu, go eat a grilled cheese in their backyard and then go back in for you 6/40.

Who to bring: Any beer snob who is not pretentious would love this place. Get them a few deep into the beer list at South and then challenge them at Buckhunter for who pays the next round.

What to order: Seriously, go in and have the bartender take the reigns. They have a great list of craft beers to accommodate anyone. They also have a timed appropriate happy hour with $1 off beer, wine and liquor from 6pm to 9pm seven days a week.

Fun Fact: Rosie Schaap, The New York Times drinking columnist and author, is a regular bartender here.—Emily Berninger

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07/17/14 11:20am


Jackbar  Games

143 Havemeyer St.


jackbar2What it is: A pinball-lover’s paradise that serves up the good brews and good tunes while you bang those pleasure machines.

Why we love it: Because we’ll take pinball over Big Buck Hunter any day, and Jackbar offers up a pinball selection that’s hard to find this side of the Jersey shore. The 9 pinball machines come from owner Jon Ehrlich’s personal collection, and range from old classics to brand new, state-of-the-art models. If you’re not into the silver ball, the bar also offers up jackbar3board games and shows old movies on the TV.

Who to bring: Your pinball wizard friends, or anyone who likes an unpretentious bar that pours good brews and hearkens back to the heyday when bar games were analog and not just touch-screen divergences.

What to order: Try one of the 18 draft lines or 15 bottles and cans; upgrade anything to a beer-and-a-shot happy meal for $2. You can munch on some old-school Jiffy Pop here too.

Fun fact: The pinball machines come from the personal collection of owner Jon Erhlich, who also owns Reciprocal, the Manhattan skate shop that doubles as a pinball arcade.—Tim Donnelly

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07/15/14 12:36pm

basik 1

ba’sik   Food Games Outdoor Space 

323 Graham Ave.
(between Metropolitan Ave and Devoe)

basik 2What it is: ba’sik is a charming, simple spot that aspires to be the ideal neighborhood bar. The decor is clean and rustic but the space still feels relaxing and friendly.

Why we love it: ba’sik is a change of pace from some of the more eccentric bars that populate Williamsburg. The bar is open and well-lit and features a quaint garden area in the back. ba’sik keeps regulars returning with its free Sunday jazz jam sessions.

basik 3Who to bring: The yard is a great spot to bring a group out for drinks and sunshine. Musicians will especially love the live music here.

What to order: ba’sik always carries three each of draft, can, and bottle options, with drafts tending to be from local breweries. The brunch menu includes ba’sik mac n cheese, magpies, artisanal pop tarts and more standard fare like waffles and omelettes.

Fun fact: The bar features a 19th century butcher block bar that was salvaged from an abandoned packaging plant.—Camille Lawhead


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07/10/14 12:16pm


595 Union Ave. (N. 11th Street and Union Avenue)


richlane 3What it is: Wood-paneled, industrial-ish, and light-filled, Richlane is where you go to get away from the Bedford strip, saddle up to wood bar and listen to some good tunes.

Why we love it: Richlane is situated in a Bermuda Triangle of sorts: east of the Bedford strip, south of Greenpoint and north of the Lorimer stop on the L. You’ll still find everything you’d expect from a Williamsburg bar, like vintage decor, a retro refrigerator, and a cloud of smokers out front, but somehow Richlane manages to be a friendly neighborhood bar with a minimal amount of too-coolness.

Who to bring: Bring a date and impress them with your picks from jukebox. If it doesn’t go well, ditch em and flirt with the bartender.

What to order: Much of the beer and wine is from New York, but it has expanded beyond into craft and familiar beers and wine on tap.

Fun fact: The name Richlane pays tribute to the name of the previous name of Richardson St., which was Richlane..—Thea Blise

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07/08/14 12:40pm
Photo by Sarah Bibi Gainer

Photo by Sarah Bibi Gainer

Bar Great Harry  Dog Friendly  Games Wifi

280 Smith St. (between Degraw and Sackett streets)
Carroll Gardens


bgh2What it is: A not too big, not too small tap beer destination that provides a relief from otherwise bougie Smith Street surroundings.

Why we love it: Like its sister bars Glorietta Baldy, Mission Dolores and Owl Farm, Bar Great Harry takes its beer seriously, butnot so seriously that it can’t devote a room in the back to pinball machines. It’s also a great place to do some summer afternoon drinking, as instead of being a dark hole, the windows and doors fold open to bar great harrylet in plenty of light and air.

Who to bring: A friend who likes to take in the fresh air while away the day drinking fancy tap beers.

What to order: This is a place where you go to order beer like a pro. With 20 craft beers on tap from breweries you’ve never heard of from both near and far that change so often that they update their draft list almost daily on their website, there’s no possible way you can get bored with what you’ll find.

Fun fact: Like what you just drank so much that you feel an animal need to bring it home with you? Good news! Bar Great Harry will happily sell you a growler of any of their tap selections and send you tottering home happy. —David Colon

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07/03/14 10:00am

one last shag 1

One Last Shag Outdoor Space 

348 Franklin Ave. (Lexington Avenue and Greene Avenue)


one last shag 2 BackbarWhat it is: A Bed-Stuy bar that parties hard and parties in style.

Why we love it: Apart from its large and beautiful backyard, which is one of the best spots in Brooklyn to enjoy a late afternoon drink in the summer, One Last Shag passes the Andrew WK “Party Hard” test by hosting plenty of raucous dance parties, helmed by rotating DJs (who reside in the neighborhood). Even on off nights, you’ll find bartenders with great taste keeping up a good vibe with their iPods.

one last shag 3Who to bring: For the young and wild of Bed-Stuy, this is the place to be. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t luxuriate in the backyard with some friends on a summer afternoon.

What to order: That depends on what you’re there to do. If you just want to relax in the yard with a beer or two, the rotating taps plus the $1-off happy hour from 4-8pm make for a good couple of hours. If you’re trying to turbocharge your dance night though, try starting with one of the bar’s many cocktails ranging from $8 to $12, and then keep yourself going with $3 Gennessee to convince yourself you’re dancing well.

Fun fact: One Last Shag is forward thinking and open with their partying, hosting numerous LGBTQ-friendly dance nights, like every fourth Saturday’s Papi Juice.—Dave Colon

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07/01/14 12:45pm

Heavy 1

Heavy Woods   Food Wifi

50 Wyckoff Ave. (Wyckoff and Willoughby)


Heavy Woods_Interior_Night_ 2What it is: A café by day, bar by night, good time throughout.

Why we love it: We have loved this bar since it first opened in 2012. The bartenders are consistently friendly, and the bar offers up regular unique events all while serving Cajun food from Tchoup.

Who to Bring: Anyone who can get there early enough to grab a seat at the window with you. It’s quite nice to look out Heavy Woods_Chicken Biscuit_3on Wyckoff Ave while gulping one of the 14 rotating drafts or sipping on one of the many (many) whiskeys.

What to Order: Curry pork meatball po’ boy. Need I say more? I do need. If it’s rent time stop in for happy hour and wash the food down with a $2 High Life. Have a few extra dollars in your pocket? Do it up with the Highland’s Fall… single malt and St. Germain cocktail? Yum Yum Yum.

Fun Fact: Here you can rotate between the shot and a beer combo ($5) and Stumptown coffee for a rather hip take on a vodka red bull experience.—Emily Berninger

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06/26/14 1:26pm

nitehawk 1

Nitehawk Cinema   Food   

136 Metropolitan Avenue
(between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue)
(718) 384-3980


CALIPER THEATREWhat it is: Nitehawk Cinema is independent movie theatre meets cozy local bar. It features three small theatres that show anything from new blockbusters to old cult classics. The upstairs theatres feature tableside food and drink service while the bar downstairs has plenty of events that keep it bustling throughout the week.

Why we love it: Beside the great atmosphere, Nitehawk’s bar has plenty of free programming such as Monday night Simpsons Club screenings, Movie Trivia Night, VHS Vault, nitehawk3and Artist Film Club. In addition to the usual specials, Nitehawk serves food and cocktails inspired by films shown at the theatre. In honor of August: Osage County, they served Eat the F*cking Fish (catfish, blackeyed peas, and kale) and hard Sweet Tea, while Dallas Buyers Club inspired Support Group Coffee Doughnuts and spiked Border Crossing Coffee.

Who to bring: The bar is dim and cozy, a great place to bring a date or small group. Movie trivia buffs and general Simpsons fans will particularly love it here.

What to order: Nitehawk has eight draft lines and a wide range of rotating bottle specials, with a focus on local breweries. The first weekend of every month is Country Brunchin’, which features Southern food, live country music, and a film set down south.

Fun fact: Nitehawk managed to get the New York State ban on serving alcohol in movie theatres overturned after its owner hired a lawyer and lobbyist to convince Governor Cuomo to repeal the law.—Camille Lawhead

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