10/30/14 12:47pm

brooklyn-breweryThe Brooklyn Brewery       

79 North 11th Street
(between Berry and Wythe)



bk brew 3

What it is: A world-famous craft beer brewery right here in our backyard.

Why we love it: Since opening in 1998, its year-round, seasonal and specialty beers have gained notoriety around the world, leading to its distribution in 25 states, 20 countries and god knows how many pleased palates. Hop on one of the weekend tours for free any Saturday or Sunday (Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. on the half hour), make a reservation for a small batch tour or just enjoy the space for what it was made for: drinking beer.

Who to bring: It’s a great place to impress your family, your friends from other boroughs or your out-of-town visitors begging for something to do they can write home or post on Facebook about. Seriously, though, this place is a melting pot (kettle?) of everyone who likes beer, from the loyal locals to the Manhattanite day drinkers to the obvious tourists who all join together in pursuit of the most beautiful thing on earth: beer.

What to get: Beer, obvs. Bar offerings include year-round and seasonal beers for $5 each or 5 for $20, and if you’re hankering for some eats, you can order in from neighboring restaurants and eat at one of the communal tables throughout the beer hall. Tables fill up quickly, though, so snag your spot early if sitting while you eat is your thing.

Fun fact: Brooklyn Brewery regularly hosts Funny Story with Tom Shillue, a comedian/storyteller who regularly appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Redeye with Greg Gutfeld and his own Comedy Central Stand Up special.—Cat Wolinski

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10/28/14 12:47pm

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609 Fourth Ave.
(between 17th and 18th)
South Slope


What it is: Supercollider is a coffee shop/lounge that will amp you up with its local coffee in the morning and mellow you out with its 15 craft beers and cocktails later in the day (yeah, that’s a typical day, right?). This newcomer to Fourth Ave boasts trivia nights, open mics with live musicians, and even film screenings in its backyard.

Why we love it: Supercollider is a relaxed spot that would make for good date drinks, hanging out with friends, or even just stopping by solo and seeing what’s happening. Beyond the long bar there are booths where you can park and take up one of the serious board games kept behind the bar (Settlers of Catan, among others). Add in a backyard that hasn’t become overcrowded and you have a nice gem that welcomes a nice, steady booze-a-thon.

Who to bring: This is a great lounge to stop by with those game night friends, or for that nice, quiet first date drink.

What to order: Any of their 18 craft beers will do fine, or their coffee, if that’s your steez.

Fun fact: One block away from the Prospect Ave stop on the R train, this bar might be the easiest to get your drunk on within moments of your Metrocard swipe.—Eric Silver

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10/23/14 12:30pm
south 4th 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

South 4th Bar and Cafe      Wifi

90 South 4th St.
(Bedford Avenue and Berry Street)



south 4th 2

What it is: A neighborhood bar in forever-transient Williamsburg, South 4th Bar that transitions with the seamlessness of a Transformer from quiet and productivity-enhancing coffice to loud and populated drinking spot.

Why we love it: You can spend the entire day here. Start at 7am and take advantage of the free wifi and cheap coffee to get your work done, and then sidle up to the bar and relax when the regulars start coming in around 4 or 5. And don’t bother leaving for lunch, just ask the bartenders which spot in their full menu book will best satisfy your hunger. Kings of Karaoke starting on Thursdays is just one more reason to stick around.

Who to bring: Trying to get acclimated to the neighborhood? Bring yourself, the friendly cast of regulars provide the closest thing to Cheers that you’ll find in Williamsburg.

What to order: Their $5 beer and shot special is a cheap complement to their coffee if you want to change speeds.While things are icy, take advantage of hot toddies, but once things warm up around here, try their totally refreshing Hucklberry Vodka Lemonade..

Fun fact: South 4th is the perfect bar for creative types, offering an absolutely stacked Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar every Saturday and Sunday for just $5, and holding a yearly chili cook off around the same time as the Super Bowl.

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10/21/14 10:05am
the bodega

via Facebook


24 St. Nicholas Ave.


What it is: Bodega is a wine and beer bar that shows new, like really new, movies, as well as some very classic cinema like the award winning films Vampire’s Kiss, Witches and Showgirls.

Why we love it: Did you not see that film line up?

Who to bring: It’s a good spot for a date, or going out for a work thing. Because it’s not crowd-y or rowdy, you could easily go with someone that you have to you know, talk to.

What to order: We are a big fan of their wine on draft and any of their melty cheesy sammies.

Fun Fact: Bodega hosts a storytelling night the first Sunday of every month. Stay tuned and follow them on Facebook to stay on top of their other pop up events.—Emily Berninger

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10/16/14 1:45pm

high dive

High Dive      

243 Fifth Ave.
(between Garfield Place and Carroll Street)
Park Slope
(718) 788-0401


What it is: A loungy neighborhood hangout with games, free popcorn and a killer jukebox that provides a merciful respite from the breast-feeding crowd that frequents the neighborhood.

Why we love it: Not only is High Dive a Brokelyn Beer Book four-peat featured bar, it’s only gotten better over the years. The custom curated jukebox full of mixed CDs includes a gamut of good drinking music: Big Star, The Kinks, The Pixies, and the Modern Lovers. Oh, and it’s got a big stack of board games and some pinball machines. We’re suckers for pinball.

Who to bring: High Dive is the perfect chilldown spot, so bring your crew after checking out a show at a nearby venue or to escape the game-watching crowds at other bars (no TVs here) or hang out in the backyard. You can bring a laptop and get work done on the bar’s wifi or bring a date and snuggle up over a board game.

What to order: Try one of the 19 rotating draft beers or the standard PBR or Yuengling, which are only $3 during happy hour. The free popcorn station has grown to include its own condiments rack and bar snacks now include savory pies for $6 and sausage rolls for $4.

Fun fact: In the spirit of giving, High Dive has a lovely “buy a friend a drink” board, where you can prepay for your pals’ tab.—Tim Donnelly

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10/14/14 11:20am

Images by Travis Dubreuil


101 Wilson Ave

Photo copyright by Travis Dubreuil

What it is: A quiet bar with a great selection of beers and cocktails… and the most beautiful doggie portraits hanging on the walls; we’s a sucker for animal art.

Why we love it: The beer list at Miles is incredibly well curated. So while you (ie. me) may love a good ol’ red session lager for $4, you gotta try one of their carefully selected microbrews.

Who to bring: The longer tables are well suited for a group of up to about six. During the week the romantically light bar will bring out the date in you.

What to order: Pop in on a Monday and get a complimentary mac n cheese with every drink purchase.

Fun Fact: The name of the bar relates to the hanging wall dog art and is named after the owners’ Cairn Terrier

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10/09/14 12:35pm
full circle bar

via Full Circle Bar

Full Circle Bar      

318 Grand St.
(between Havemeyer and Marcy)


What it is: The national home of Brewskee-ball, the first-ever national competitive skeeball league, with an epic canned beer selection and no shortage of good times.

Why we love it: It’s a mix of Brooklyn cool and boardwalk fun. Even if you’re not on a Skee-ball league you can roll your luck on one of the four Skee-ball lanes. the fun vibe at the bar is helped by the decorations made of reclaimed old skeeball machine parts and a staff so dedicated to the game they’ve got Skee-ball tattoos. Tuesdays and Thursdays are some of the best cheap nights out in all the land: not only is Skee-ball free those nights, but you get a hot dog or pretzel with every beer purchase! If you live locally, take advantage of the special “sip codes” nights every month, which is an open bar for people in the Williamsburg zips.

Who to bring: Boardwalk-loving buddies, competitive friends, lovers of canned beer, pun-masters for creating clever Skee-ball team names (ie: M Skee A, the Beaskee Boys, etc.)

What to order: Try one of the copious amounts of rotating canned beers selection or the all-the-time specials like a $6 Genny  and whiskey (aka Whiskee).

Fun fact: The Full Circle gang is responsible for all sorts of summery fun shenanigans, including the annual National Skee-Ball Championship tournament which takes over Knitting Factory, cornhole contests and a summer long deal that lets you hop on a bus and check out a Brooklyn Cyclones game (with some beer included) for a low price. The name of the bar is a reference to a skee-ball term where a player sinks all 9 balls in the 40 point slot.—Tim Donnelly

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10/07/14 1:00pm
sweet science and featherweight

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Sweet Science and Featherweight     

135 Graham Ave. (Johnson Avenue and Boerum Street)
East Williamsburg


What it is: This cavernously enormous bar/restaurant has a bunch of different spaces within a space. Be it the glass room in the middle, the tables along the sides or the tucked away speak easy, it definitely has a bit of something for everyone.

Why we love it: So… it has a bar inside of a bar, which is TWO bars. The bartenders are really nice and give good recommendations on food and drink.

Who to bring: Here you can pop on in with anyone and enjoy a beer. You could bring your parents in for some truly great food. Have a friend that enjoys comedy? Take them here on the last Tuesday of the month for their rotating line of comedians.

What to order: Their veggie quesadilla is super delicious. Pairs nicely with one of their 10 beers on draft.

Fun fact: Inside of the bar you will find a rather secret entrance to the speakeasy, Featherweight, which has an unbelievable cocktail menu. The bartenders are so on point that just give them your desired spirit and they will issue you an A+ drink.—Emily Berninger

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10/02/14 11:00am
the graham 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

The Graham     

151 Meserole St
East Williamsburg


the graham 2

What it is: The Graham opens its doors to the neighborhood with totally inviting bartenders and a pretty exquisite happy hour – $2 off everything 3-8 daily.

Why we love it: It’s not too common to walk into a bar and immediately feel like you are one of the crew’s gang.

Who to bring: You can go in by yourself and be guaranteed a good conversation with a bartender, or stop in with your friends who, “just wanna dance” on Saturday night for its DJ and dance floor in the back… you could even take your momma out for their Saturday and Sunday brunch. Catch up on your favorite shows here with HBO sunday night screenings.

What to order: Ask for a recommendation from its 30+ rotating craft beers. If you are hungry and finishing up your night, you should note their all-night snack menu totes deviled eggs, cheese and the works.

Fun Fact: The Graham manages to be a jack of all trades with jazz, DJs, dancing, outdoor seating etc.—Emily Berninger


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09/30/14 12:37pm
via The Brew Inn

via The Brew Inn

The Brew Inn     

924 Manhattan Avenue (at Kent)


What it is: Greenpoint’s new brewcentric spot with a twist: it only serve beers from New York. Which, as people who love New York and breweries, is fine by us.

Why we love it: The Brew Inn may not have the plethora of distinctive domestics or intriguing imports as some other Brokelyn approved bars, but what they purposely lack in geographical range, they make up for in a list of 30 local drafts, a great looking bar-food-gone-fancy menu and the unexpectedly unique interior. Details like a retro bar, recycled doors, old street lamps, pendant lighting made out of antique pictures frames and our favorite: beer tap everything (tap handles double as decorations, door handles and sink faucet knobs–quick, someone call Pinterest!) are everywhere you turn, and it’s great.

Another nice touch is the beer flights, which you can purchase to take home with you (we recommend drinking the beer first), and a special something they call a growler locker, for those times you want to get lots of beer but just don’t feel like carrying your jug all the way down Manhattan Ave. Genius!

Who to bring: Someone who appreciates and has genuine interest in New York breweries, or could stand to learn a little more about them. If a friend lives in the area, this is a great meeting point to knock back a few just-brewed pints before heading down toward busier streets. Just make sure it’s not someone who’ll shake their fist at not being able to get a Coors Light or cranberry vodka (no liquor here yet).

What to get: There’s a brunch menu, a burger and beer deal for $10 and $2 off any beer for happy hour every day from 4 to 7. Every Tuesday, grilled, boiled or fried pierogies are just 50 cents all day. The Brew Inn pairs “craft beer with crafty grub” and the food looks freakin’ delicious. Other “bistro” staples like shrimp po-boys, grilled sardines and meat and cheese plates are a few standout items. Polish food, fancy food and bar combine for the best.

Fun fact: The space was acquired by its owners when one of them, a Greenpoint local, took over his mother’s traditional Polish restaurant and made it his own — and, quite obviously, made it Upper Brooklyn’s. Its beer is locally sourced, its furniture repurposed, its walls (and pretty much everything else) charmingly decorated and allegedly, they’re only hiring Brooklyn residents.—Cat Wolinski

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