01/29/16 11:37am
Don't let this pip-squeak take the job you deserve. Image via here and now

Don’t let this pip-squeak take the job you deserve. Image via here and now

Were you one of the grown adults who walked out of The LEGO Movie and imagined yourself becoming a master builder? Did you buy LEGOs, saying it was for your non-existent kids, but actually spent countless hours building spaceships, entire cities, or a LEGO recreation of being stuck in the L train during rush hour? Well, you no longer need to worry about juggling between your love of LEGOs and your need to be a productive member of society. LEGOLAND is hiring 20 “Master Model Builders” at its brand new  model-making facility, known as appropriately awesomely titled “Merlin’s Magic Making Hub,” at their headquarters near LEGOLAND in Lake Wales, Florida. (more…)

01/29/16 10:49am
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drink free Magic Hat at Dear God That's Stone Cold's Music. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll drink free Magic Hat at Dear God That’s Stone Cold’s Music. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Trying to get people out at this time of year is almost impossible: it’s cold, and the sidewalks are still piled so high with snow that you’d think the Night’s Watch was overseeing the realm. That said, the promise of free alcohol always helps get you moving. Especially when paired with comedy, which makes your body shake with warming glee.

We rounded up a whole mess of comedy shows where you can get your hands on free booze while you take in some of the city’s best comedians. So get out there, and you can thank us when you’re drunk and ROFLing. A lot of these involve going into Queens, Manhattan or (gasp!) the Upper East Side, so that just shows you how far we’re willing to go for free beer. (more…)

01/26/16 1:28pm
Rusty Zimmerman-Crown Heights-Brokelyn

One of the project’s subjects with his portrait. Check out more of the progress on Sunday.

We’ve been following local artist Rusty Zimmerman’s Free Portrait Project for a while now, which involves him painting 200 portraits of his Crown Heights neighbors. It’s a cool project that he’s taking on to leave a physical document of the changing neighborhood and let people who might otherwise not be able to afford an oil painting of themselves get one. In a phone interview today, Zimmeran announced that he’s hit the halfway point with 100 paintings. Now he’s giving you the chance on Sunday to check out the progress, meet more of your neighbors and party with beer, music and some free ice cream too. (more…)

01/25/16 3:27pm
Roger That Community Garden is fighting for its life. Via FB.

Roger That Community Garden is fighting for its life. Via FB.

Residents of Crown Heights have been fighting for years to save a community garden between Rogers Avenue and Park Place from turning into another real estate monstrosity. They now have some political backers in the form of Rep. Diana Richardson and New York State Sen. Velmanette Montgomery, who have introduced legislation that would grant the Roger That Garden eminent domain to make it a park, and save it from development. It’s good to have political muscle, but it’s the voices of the people that politicians also needs to hear. You could email them, but it’s easy for anyone to ignore emails. What people can’t ignore, however, is a huge pile of letters arriving at their desks. Even if they all don’t get read, the group is hoping that the sheer size of the pile will likely grab the attention of state lawmakers.

So tomorrow night (Jan. 26) head down to the Two Saints bar to meet your fellow garden-lovers and have a letter-writing party. From 7-10pm grab some paper, a pen and a drink, and write an old-fashioned letter to state legislators, letting them know how much you’d rather have this garden than more condos in Crown Heights. (more…)

01/25/16 12:55pm
This person's saving up for their spring wardrobe. Image via Brooklyn Baby Social.

This person’s saving up for their spring wardrobe. Image via Brooklyn Baby Social.

If you survived the first blizzard of 2016, by not dying of alcohol poisoning or murdering the person you lived with because they just wanted to watch Narcos all weekend, congratulations! The work however, is not done. The city is still covered with snow that has filled up many stairways and street corners. And you can make some extra money helping them out.

The Sanitation Department needs people to help shovel the streets of the city we all pay too much to live in. Of course, no one wants to spend their entire day shoveling snow, seeing as it’s what a lot of us left the suburbs to avoid. Unlike your childhood home however, the city will pay you for the work, with actual cash, not “moral responsibility” or whatever shill your parents try to pull to avoid opening their wallets. Details below: (more…)

01/22/16 3:31pm
Cold nights call for hot ramen at Shalom Japan in Williamsburg. Via FB.

Cold nights call for hot ramen at Shalom Japan in Williamsburg. Via FB.

Winter means cold and snow that transform your neighborhood into Narnia, but there actually is an upside to the season: spicy food. It’s something we enjoy year-round, but it’s especially needed during the winter months. Like cold beer in the summer, a spicy dish can make you forget about the weather outside, while slowly destroying your insides, one delicious gulp at a time. So, if you’re an unlucky soul going out this weekend or anytime during the next few months, we’ve asked some local food experts and people who know Brooklyn for their recommendations of the best spicy food you can find in Brooklyn. Today also just so happens to be the birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the guy who invented the way to measure the hotness of peppers, so go make him proud.  (more…)

01/21/16 12:19pm
Find a sled at Flatbush Avenue's All-Star Locksmith & Hardware, and many other fine retailers. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

Find a sled at Flatbush Avenue’s All-Star Locksmith & Hardware, and many other fine retailers. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

Everyone is freaking out at the potential of a huge snowstorm hitting the city this weekend. We’ve been through this more times than the Academy has nominated minorities in the last two years, so there is a slight chance that this is all baloney and nothing will happen but a few sprinkles. There is also a slight chance that all snowy hell will drop on us and the city will resemble Tony Montana’s desk. But don’t get upset, the snow can be fun and how can it be fun? With sleds! Here’s where you can buy a sled this weekend, from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge — including lots of locally owned stores if you don’t want to go into the hell that is Target.

And don’t forget our guide to the five best sledding hills in Brooklyn too! (more…)

01/19/16 3:18pm

21 Commercial St. in Greenpoint as of Dec. 2015. Image via New York YIMBY

“Affordable” apartments are few and far between in the borough, so every time they pop up it’s a big deal. DNAinfo is reporting that more than 100 new and renovated affordable (as in, actually affordable) apartments are now accepting applications, with rents as low as $494 (!!) for a waterfront studio in Greenpoint. Other apartments are available in Bushwick, Williamsburg, East New York, Bed-Stuy and East Williamsburg, but the deadlines are fast approaching. (more…)

01/19/16 1:24pm
Don't lie to yourself. You would totally subscribe to this little guy's podcast. Image via Flickr user Zoomar

Don’t lie to yourself. You would totally subscribe to this little guy’s podcast. Image via Flickr user Zoomar

Brooklyn is a cold hell right about now. If you aren’t freezing in your office, freezing on your way to the coffee shop for the fifth time today, or freezing on the train, you’re probably freezing under the covers of your apartment. You would think that being inside would keep you safe from the frigid conditions. But the heat doesn’t work, the hot water isn’t coming on and the super cold air is leaking through your old and useless windows.

Here’s a suggestion: instead of binge watching all of Gilmore Girls for the ninth time, delve into the best podcasts the city have to offer. Sure, you know about Serial and Radiolab already, but we’ve picked the 10 best podcasts that will help you learn about food, crime, tech, bartender pranks and why you should drink a beer in the shower. They’re all free to download, and made right here in Brooklyn and NYC. They’ll help you get through this cold week or make your commute any time a little more entertaining.  (more…)

01/15/16 4:57pm
Just think of the options. Image via Fool

Just think of the options. Image via Fool

In the words of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, “good news everyone!” Tomorrow, at 6pm, Amazon will lower the price of it’s prime service by 22 whole dollars! For just $73 dollars for a year-long subscription instead of the usual $99 (in honor of its two Golden Globe wins last Sunday), you can now start buying random things you possibly don’t need, but want anyway without having to pay for shipping. And it comes in just two days! The discount lasts through 11:59pm Sunday.

But you can also watch a bunch of good shows like Transparent and old episodes of Comedy Central shows like Broad City, plus lots more that will give you a break from the Netflix rotation. Here are my picks for five things that make the subscription worth it. (more…)