08/26/15 10:00am

Dardy Bar
245 S. 1st Street (Between Roebling and Havemeyer), Williamsburg

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What it is: A neighborhood bar focused on great tunes and cheap drinks.

Why we love it: Dardy Bar is as unpretentious as it is unassuming, nestled on a quiet block in South Williamsburg that’s off the worn and beaten path of Bedford Ave. It’s one of the newer places on the scene, but Dardy Bar has already found its niche with the locals. Jimmy and Brian, who own the joint, are often tending bar and making friends with patrons while rotating through a well-curated playlist that stretches from rock ‘n roll standbys to full-on R. Kelly dance parties. Challenge some new amigos to a friendly game of shuffleboard or call up some old buds and gather round Connect Four and a selection of other tried-and-true boardgames, all while getting increasingly tipsy on homey, feel-good vibes and a great selection of beer & spirits.

Who to bring: This place is practically designed for a no-pressure first date on a weeknight, where the volume of patrons isn’t overwhelming, the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and you can always play Jenga if you run out of things to talk about.

What to get: You’re gonna want a beer. With $2 Coors Banquet Drafts all night Tuesdays, 2-for-1 draft & well options all night Wednesdays, and great draft beers under $6 all week long, you definitely can stretch your dollar at Dardy Bar. And what pairs better with a cheap, great beer than hot wings, nachos, and more delicious noms to help aide the destruction of your gastrointestinal system?

Regular tip: Dardy Bar is quickly becoming a go-to filming location! Check out Dardy Bar in a new Showtime series 3am.

06/22/15 4:30pm

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 12.15.08 PM

Passenger Bar
229 Roebling Street (Corner of S. 3rd)

What it is: An artist-haven in a prime South Williamsburg location, Passenger Bar evokes the collaborative spirit of New York in its 1970s creative heyday.

Why we love it: Cool without trying, Passenger Bar is as much of a bar as it is a community. Weekly comedy shows, burlesque performances, and a rotating cast of psychedelic DJs offer way more than just a pit-stop to grab a quick bite and some brews. We’re also partial to their monthly “Sunday Social,” which features 100s of used records and and a selection of bespoke baubles for sale, along with drink specials and yummy Porschetta sandwiches. Last but not least, be sure to check out the Self-Portrait Project — a permanent free photobooth tucked away in the back corner that will instantly become your go-to for a new Tinder default.

What to order: Passenger Bar offers a top-notch draft selection, including old standbys like Captain Lawrence and Sixpoint, for $7 and under. You’ve gotta wash your beer down with a spinach & cheese empanada or a Sigmund’s Truffle Cheese pretzel. Top either with their homemade hot sauce and you’ve been transported to bar-food heaven.

Regular tip: Ask Ryan to make you a jalapeno margarita. Trust us, just do it.

01/19/15 9:00am
me wedding

Heidi Vanderlee of Shark Party media.

Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly career focus, loosely called “get your ass in gear Mondays.” (You got a better name?) First up, some probing questions for Heidi Vanderlee, a publicist for Shark Party Media, a PR firm that represents all the funny people in Brooklyn and some musicians too. Heidi’s own clients include the “weird” teen book and zine publisher All Ages Press, Shonali Bhowmik, The Chris Gethard Show, The Cush, Brokelyn alumnae Sue Smith and Jo Firestone, the Snarky Sidekick webseries, Keisha Zollar and Sara Benincasa. She also helps out repping Reggie Watts, Wyatt Cenec, John Hodgman and others on Kathryn Musilek’s client roster at Shark Party. You can actually get paid for this? We asked Heidi how.  (more…)

12/20/14 9:11am
The perfect place to shop for a pre-Christmas feast.

The perfect place to shop for a pre-Christmas feast.

If you’re still scrambling for the perfect gift for a beer-obsessed friend and you also happen to be in the mood for some imported Italian meats and cheeses, then get ready to win the weekend today at A.L.C. Italian Grocery (8613 Third Avenue between 86th and 87th streets) where we’ll be selling the South Brooklyn & The Rockaways Beer Book at a special holiday rate. The book offers you (or your favorite beer lover) 28 beers at 28 great bars and eateries, normally $28 but 20 percent off today.  Swing by A.L.C. Italian from 2 to 4 on Saturday to chat with us about your favorite Brooklyn bars and pick up your copy for 20 percent off. If you can’t make it out, we get it, the holidays are a hectic time. Grab a beer book online instead, where we’re also honoring the last-minute special.

12/19/14 2:48pm
Get it while it's cheap, kids. (via Flickr user Nick Perez)

Get it while it’s cheap, kids. (via Flickr user Nick Perez)

How often do we stop to give thanks to bodegas — the great New York life source that pumps cheap beer and deli sandwiches into the vagrant masses anytime, anywhere? We don’t pay homage nearly enough and we should rectify that immediately. According to GrubStreet, a big bad merger involving two of the city’s three biggest beer distributors — Manhattan Beer Distributors and Phoenix Beehive Beverages — is threatening the price of that crappy Natty Lite that we all know and tolerate in a pinch. (more…)

12/17/14 1:19pm
Your fashionista friend loves selfies, so surely she'd be head over heels for a selfie pillow from

Your fashionista friend loves selfies, so surely she’d be head over heels for a selfie pillow from Aelfie

Sometimes the most fashionable people are the hardest to shop for. What do you get the girl that’s always on top of the latest trends, snagging the best accessories quicker than you can say, “sample sale”? Fear not, ensembly-challenged. Here are three fashion experts on what to get the sartorially savvy person in your life. (more…)

12/17/14 10:37am
Sayra's in Far Rockaway looks even better with free beer.

Sayra’s in Far Rockaway looks even better with free beer.

It’s a proven fact: there’s no better Valentine’s Day Gift than a Brokelyn Beer Book. It’s a pocket full of surefire date spots, a non-committal way to say, “hey, I like drinking beer with you” and it lasts longer than a rose in a plastic tube. Plus, they’re beloved by both genders, which is more than you can say about an elephant-nose thong.

Reason #67 (we lost count): They’re on sale! While supplies last, you can get 20% off our South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book. That means you get 28 beers at 28 bars in South Brooklyn and Rockaway for the outrageously low price of $22.40 — practically cheaper than a box of Russell Stover!  (more…)

12/16/14 11:55am
chanukah sweater

If there’s anywhere to wear this atrocity, it’s one of these parties. via Flickr user Lynn Friedman

Chanukah is upon us, and this is Brooklyn, so you know celebrations are afoot. Whether you’re Jewish or you just really appreciate the efforts of the chosen people (bagels & lox, lawyers, Sandy Koufax), there’s a little something for everyone happening in our borough during the festival of lights. (more…)

12/15/14 3:00pm
IKEA, ahoy! (via Flickr user vauvau)

IKEA, ahoy! (via Flickr user vauvau)

You know those giant floating taxis you see on the Hudson and East River and think, “Oh you tourist schmucks! Take the land taxi, it’ll get you there faster!” Well, aside from being a bit jaded, you’re not technically wrong. But what if we told you that the New York Water Taxi is rolling out a new “point-to-point” ferry system that’ll whisk you from DUMBO to Red Hook? Yeah, that’s right…RED HOOK. One of Brooklyn’s most beloved yet incomprehensibly difficult neighborhoods to get to could be a short ferry ride away. Go on, we’re listening. (more…)

12/15/14 2:05pm
gateway ii

If you lived here, you’d be paying less rent at home by now

We broke the news last week that 2015 is going to be a banner year in “WTF, Brooklyn housing!?” with the sad reality that 60% of our hard-earned money goes straight to being able to keep a roof over our heads. So it’s always a breath of fresh air to see new, affordable housing — like this East New York building, the Gateway Elton II development, boasting $648/month for a two bedroom that Brick Underground noticed. (more…)