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Tap into some new favorites at Kings Beer Hall, one of the bars featured in the 2017 Beer Books.

Tap into some new favorites at Kings Beer Hall, one of the bars featured in the 2017 Beer Books.

Extra! Extra! The 2017 Beer Books are on sale! We’re bringing you two tantalizing versions of the books you know and love, which bring you the unbeatable deal of 30 beers at 30 of Brooklyn’s finest bars for just $30.

Let’s face it: 2016 was rough, and if January is any indication, 2017 ain’t getting much better. But there is always a silver lining, and whether that’s solidarity in the form of resistance marches, opportunities to volunteer, or the god-given right to drink your pain away with 30 beers, Brokelyn is here to help.

In any event, today’s the day you can reserve a total of 60 beers on the house at dozens of great bars, breweries and beer-edified eateries that the borough has to offer. Snag one here now before they sell out!  (more…)

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The 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books are coming soon! Tell us which bars you want us to include

Via life_of_chuck on Instagram.

If you live in Brooklyn and drink beer, then you’ll be psyched to know that the 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books are coming out soon! So we’re asking you now: what bars, breweries and restaurants you want to see in this year’s editions?

Both Brokelyn Beer Book editions for 2017 are going on sale at the end of this month and we want your help choosing the bars. We love all bars (and extra love bars who participate in the Beer Book), but we’re taking it to the e-streets, AKA this blog post, to get some intel on what YOU want to see more of.

What bars, breweries and restaurants were your favorite spots to hit in 2016? What new business do you think would make great fit for Beer Book 2017? We want names and reasons, too, whether it’s that you found yourself wanting more places with food, loved bars with sweet backyards, or hanker for brews in businesses that double as venues, movie theaters or coffee shops. (more…)

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It’s July Good Beer Month! Here’s where to make (and drink) the most of it in Brooklyn

Celebrate good beer at The Gate

Now that you’re over your July 4th hangover and settled back into the dingy depths of back-to-work woes, it’s time to put the focus back on booze-related news: July Good Beer Month.

July Good Beer Month is a celebratory extension of the Good Beer Seal, a city-wide stamp of approval for beer bars. The Seal was founded in 2009 by craft beer restaurant owners, Jimmy Carbone (Jimmy’s No. 43), Ray Deter (formerly of d.b.a.), Ben and Mike Wiley (Bar Great Harry), Gary Gillis (Burp Castle, Standings), and Dave Brodrick (Blind Tiger), created for the purpose of pointing out the handful of good craft beer bars in the boroughs. After the Seal hit 40 bars in 2012, its founders and members decided to recognize the growth of craft beer in NYC with a month-long celebration each July, acknowledging good beer purveyors and the work they do serving and educating their patrons and communities on better-made alcoholic beverages.

As of 2016, 64 bars have been stamped with Good Beer Seal approval, with 24 right here in Brooklyn. Though they’re not all calling attention to their Good Beer Seal status, they’re hosting a variety of events, from tap takeovers to brewery nights to charitable beer tastings, all month long. So, before you reach for another Corona (I know, I know, you found your beach), consider visiting one of the great Brooklyn venues where every month is good beer month. (more…)

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Coming soon in 2016: the 2nd annual Queens Beer Book.

Coming soon in 2016: the 2nd annual Queens Beer Book.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the Brooklyn Beer Book, our guide to all places craft beer, snacks and backyards in Brooklyn (which, by the way, we still have a few copies of on sale). But did you know that Brokelyn also publishes a Queens Beer Book? That’s right, we’ve gotten to know our way around the beer scene in Queens, and we’re seeking nominations for your favorite spots to be considered for the second annual edition. Tell us which bars you want to see included! (more…)

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Kaitie and Sam of Brooklyn Brewery. Photo by Patrick Phillips.

Kaitie Lynch and Sam Bernstein of Brooklyn Brewery. Photo by Patrick Phillips.

Beer drinkers of Brooklyn: Friday is the kickoff of NYC Beer Week 2016. This means 10 straight days of tap takeovers, beer discounts, meet-the-brewers, SMaSH beers (that’s State Malt and State Hop, in this case) and beer dinners highlighting the better beverage and its makers who are based right here in New York City. The celebration includes such extravagant affairs as an Opening Bash boat cruise (Feb. 20), Brewers Choice festival (Feb. 24) and beer dinners with steep ticket prices (various), but here at Brokelyn, we’re all about finding free-entry events where you can sample the best of the boroughs on whatever budget you choose. Here are 29 free Beer Week events happening right here in Brooklyn that should not be missed. (more…)

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The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

There are lots of things to get excited for in the New Year: fresh resolutions; health insurance enrollment; the sweet satisfaction of abandoning that fitness goal. But come February, there’s something much sweeter to swallow: 30 free beers at 30 bars for only 30 bucks in the county of Kings. Today’s the day: the 2016 Brooklyn Beer Books are on sale! (more…)

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If you wanna go back to Beer Street with the next Beer Book, let us know! Photo by Patrick Phillips

If you wanna go back to Beer Street with the next Beer Book, let us know! Photo by Patrick Phillips

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to discover more awesome bars and drink more beer this year, you’re in luck: the Brooklyn Beer Book is back!

Thanks to the popularity of the Beer Books’ very simple and very budget-friendly offering — 30 beers at 30 bars for 30 bucks — 2016 marks our sixth year (and eleventh and twelfth editions) of bringing the best beer in Brooklyn to you, our savvy readers, for a buck a piece. Even sweeter is that those beers are served at our (and your) favorite bars and restaurants in the borough. But — we’re looking for more. (more…)

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Photo by Dave Colon

Photo by Dave Colon

Rocka Rolla
486 Metropolitan Ave. at Rodney St., Williamsburg

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What it is: A rocker joint with loud music, cheap beer and ample seating inside and out back.

Why we love it: The music is loud, the bartenders are friendly and the cheap beer comes in a chalice.

What to order: It’s hard to pass up a $3 Bud in a goblet, so go ahead and get that out of the way. Pickled eggs are a customer favorite and a nice (albeit somewhat strange) alternative to pretzels.

Regular tip: The Endless Summer truck may not be in the backyard any longer, but you don’t have to worry about going hungry at Rocka Rolla. The bar serves up savory pies from Dub Pies, including a pie/mug of beer/chips deal for $9.

08/17/15 9:47am

Reclamation’s Love Shack Shandy beer cocktail will have you singing after you’ve had a couple.

Beer. Cocktails. Combining the two almost seems crazy, but here at Brokelyn we’re willing to experiment with ways to get a good buzz going. Turns out, when beer cocktails are done right, they’re pretty darn good, and even worth venturing out of your usual for (after enjoying your Brooklyn Beer Book beer on the house, of course).

Rather then send you out just asking the bartender to dump some tequila into a Tecate tallboy, we’ve got 9 bars for you to check out that are perfecting the art of the beer cocktail. Beyond the classics like the michelada, more inventive beer cocktails are being thrown together by booze mad scientsts around Brooklyn, like an award-winning gin-and-saison combo that took home “Best Beer Cocktail in NYC” at Brooklyn Brewery’s beer cocktail competition, to a lemon-infused vodka drink topped off with a Budweiser. (more…)

The Adirondack Bar

The Adirondack Bar

The Adirondack
1241A Prospect Ave. (between Reeve & Greenwood), Windsor Terrace,


What it is: A welcome addition to the growing Windsor Terrace bar and restaurant roster from the guys behind Abilene and Lowlands.

Why we love it: Aside from the fact that it literally could not be closer to the G and F trains at Fort Hamilton (proximity to Prospect Park makes for convenient Saturday afternoon refueling), this nod to one of our favorite mountain ranges is down-to-earth, homey and date-friendly, even if your date is of the parents’ night out variety.

Achieving much more than looking woodsy and serving good drinks (though that would be enough for us), the Adirondack is dedicated to serving hard-to-find New York brews from Saratoga to Port Jefferson, some recent selections ranging from the Hudson Valley’s Newburgh Brewing Hoptron Smoked Gose to Holbrook, Long Island’s Spider Bite Boris the Spider. On top of supporting the Empire State’s resurgent craft brewing community, the bar is also adamant about not running out of Genny Cream Ale in cans or Labatt Blue, “an honorary beer of upstate New York,” according to owner Paul Hamill.

What to order: With twelve rotating taps and an all-New York draft list, you’d be remiss not to try a well selected winter warmer like Port Jeff’s Coffee Porter Nitro, or a contract brewer’s latest hop achievement like Rushing Duck’s War Elephant Double IPA. The bar also serves hot soft pretzels from Pelzer’s of Crown Heights and sandwiches from HBH in Carroll Gardens—keep it classic with a Classic Pretzel and Classic Grilled Cheese.

Don’t overlook their cocktail menu of classics including a margarita with St Germaine for a refreshing, herbal twist, and signature drinks with nods to upstate NY, like grown-up creamsicle the “Fort Orange Julius” of Stoli Vanilla, fresh grapefruit and Saranac Orange Cream Soda. Order “The Adirondack Life,” an Old-Fashioned made with Rittenhouse Rye and sweetened with Alaskan birch syrup, and you’ll really feel like you’re living it.

Regular tip: There happens to be a vintage Pac Man machine in the back, so if you’re waiting on a date or socializing isn’t your thing, go reacquaint yourself with Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

The Adirondack is one of the featured bars in the 2015 Cocktail Book, on sale now!