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07/31/15 12:26pm

nitehawk 1

Nitehawk Cinema     
136 Metropolitan Avenue
(between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue)
(718) 384-3980

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What it is: Nitehawk Cinema is independent movie theatre meets cozy local bar. It features three small theatres that show anything from new blockbusters to old cult classics. The upstairs theatres feature tableside food and drink service while the bar downstairs has plenty of events that keep it bustling throughout the week.

Why we love it: Beside the great atmosphere, Nitehawk’s bar has plenty of free programming such as Monday night Simpsons Club screenings, Movie Trivia Night, VHS Vault, and Artist Film Club. In addition to the usual specials, Nitehawk serves food and cocktails inspired by films shown at the theatre. In honor of August: Osage County, they served Eat the F*cking Fish (catfish, blackeyed peas, and kale) and hard Sweet Tea, while Dallas Buyers Club inspired Support Group Coffee Doughnuts and spiked Border Crossing Coffee.

Who to bring: The bar is dim and cozy, a great place to bring a date or small group. Movie trivia buffs and general Simpsons fans will particularly love it here.

What to order: Nitehawk has eight draft lines and a wide range of rotating bottle specials, with a focus on local breweries. The first weekend of every month is Country Brunchin’, which features Southern food, live country music, and a film set down south.

Fun fact: Nitehawk managed to get the New York State ban on serving alcohol in movie theatres overturned after its owner hired a lawyer and lobbyist to convince Governor Cuomo to repeal the law.

07/29/15 1:00pm

videology 1

308 Bedford Avenue (between Bedford and South 1st St)

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What it is: Videology is a video store and screening room-turned bar. They have a large library of films, a solid drink selection, and a friendly atmosphere with plenty of regulars.

Why we love it: Are you itching for a Mary Kate and Ashley sing-a-long? Boozy Jazzercise workout? Notebook screening with chocolate and tissues provided? Videology’s way ahead of you. They have an event every single night, including Tuesday trivia nights, and play the staff’s pick of movies in the bar all day. TV-show themed happy hours are each day from 5 to 7. Sunday is TV night so this is a great spot to watch shows on a screen bigger than your laptop’s. This is a great place for anyone who likes motion pictures. The events are a solid opportunity to make some new friends, come ready to mingle.

What to order: There are six beers on tap with a focus on local brews, lagers, and stouts. It’s only appropriate that you pair this with some popcorn. Every day from 5-11, El Gato Nacho is there serving nachos.

Regular tip: All the bartenders went to film school, so if you want to spend hours dissecting Ghostbusters they’re ready.

06/15/15 2:00pm
skinny dennis

Photo by Tim McDonnell, via Facebook

Skinny Dennis     
152 Metropolitan Ave
(corner of Metropolitan Ave and Berry St.) Williamsburg

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What it is: Skinny Dennis is a self-described honkey-tonk, a country bar with a warm divey vibe. The brick and wood panel walls are covered in Western memorabilia and there’s free live country music every night.

Why we love it: Skinny Dennis really commits to its country atmosphere. You’ll spot a mounted boar’s head, a 1984 F-100 pickup truck seat, a 100-CD jukebox, and, behind the bar, a haunting portrait of Willie Nelson. They offer 18 draft lines of mostly American craft beers, in addition to a selection of whiskeys. Skinny Dennis is most famous for its free nightly live country music, so come prepared to dance.

Who to bring: Bring your homesick friend from Omaha, bring a crowd that’s ready to two step, bring your roommate who would be an Olympian if the Olympic Committee would just finally recognize shuffleboard bowling.

What to order: If 18 drafts aren’t enough, Skinny Dennis’s most popular drink is Willie’s Frozen Coffee, made with bourbon and coffee from Oslo Coffee up the block. There’s also Bourbon Sweet Tea, served in a 24 oz mason jar, naturally.

Fun fact: The bar is named for Skinny Dennis Sanchez, a country singer from the Los Angeles area who stood at 6’11” and weighed 135 pounds.

05/14/15 8:46am
Tip the scales in your favor this weekend

Tip the scales in your favor this weekend via Flickr user Edward Dalmulder

1. Drink and dance and sweat like you’re in the tropics without getting a horrific sunburn at Friends and Lovers’ tropical dance party. (Friday)

2. Mad Max: Fury Road is out now, but you can see where it all started at Videology’s screening of the original Mad Max. And even better than a movie theatre, your ticket comes with popcorn and beer. (Friday)

3. Get dressed up real fancy-like for a cause at Vodou Bar’s AIDS Awareness Cocktail Gala. (Friday) (more…)

05/11/15 2:40pm
Ridgewood has great views

Ridgewood has some lovely views

Last year, we all freaked out when Starbucks sprouted in Disneywo Williamsburg. A lot of cafes and circuses and Trash Bars have making the dusty, Steinbeckian, journey to Bushwick, where they’re at least safe from the corporate coffee sharks taking over Williamsburg. Bushwick is where our locally roasted Americanos are safe. Or so we thought. Starbucks has announced they’re opening a spot in Ridgewood, which means Bushwick may be facing a two-front corporate brand battle. (more…)

05/11/15 8:49am

Shirts optional

1. Reaffirm your cultural relevance to everyone at Hops Hill as you crush trivia night. (Monday)

2. Wear your fanciest off-center up-do to Side Ponytail comedy’s prom date show, featuring prom queens Carolyn Busa and Charla Lauriston. (Monday)

3. Rock writer Jessica Hopper will be at WORD to present The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic, so check out what she’s learned writing about music for twenty years. (Monday) (more…)

05/07/15 9:03am
So many haikus, so little time

So many haikus, so little time. via Flickr user Joe Hall

1. See what two years of Brooklyn College MFAing creates at Chain Reaction, the spring thesis exhibition at SIGNAL Gallery. (Friday)

2. Ride the Wonder Wheel while poets serenade you with Coney Island-inspired work at Poem-a-Rama. (Friday)

3. Help out the Free Portrait Project by very quietly collecting original paintings and prints at this Silent Art Auction Fundraiser at Shoestring Press. (Friday) (more…)

05/05/15 10:55am
It's the weekend. Release the balloons!  Photo via Oriana Leckert

It’s the weekend. Release the balloons! Photo via Oriana Leckert

Back in the day Brooklyn had a pretty mean manufacturing scene, but all that’s dwindled and left behind lots of warehouses without blacksmiths and welders and whoever else works in warehouses. Today a lot of those spaces have been taken over by the borough’s most creative residents and are used for music performances, dance classes, art exhibits, and plenty of urban farming. Oriana Leckert explores these spots in her new book Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Hubs of Culture and Creativity, where she documents the eccentricity that keeps this place so darn cool. The book comes out on May 19, and there’s a huge launch party at Gowanus Ballroom on May 30, featuring food trucks, acrobatic performances, and music from Hungry March Band and Batala NYC.

Oriana gave us a preview of Brooklyn Spaces and told us about some of her favorite places around the borough: (more…)

05/04/15 1:42pm
This rending with weird see-through trees could be depicting your new home

This rending with weird see-through trees could be depicting your new home

As a Brooklynite, you probably think about rent as much as someone your age in Kansas thinks about every single imaginable topic that is not rent. Kansas doesn’t have such compelling songs about it though, so you’re still here, trying to find a place to sleep that requires less than 60% of your income but also mean you don’t have to share a bedroom with three other people. We’re with you in the search, and we’ve found some gifts from the affordable housing gods that could get you a studio for as low as $500 a month. Get in now and stay rent regulated before East New York gets rezoned into the new Williamsburg. (more…)

05/04/15 10:41am
Bring your own pillow/bunny/chicken

Bring your own pillow/bunny/chicken

1. You can talk about yogurt and eat yogurt at Greene Grape Annex’s Get Cultured tasting, but please don’t multitask and choke. (Monday)

2. See Lynas and Dapwell of Das Racist play whatever they feel like playing at Friends and Lovers’ Budz. (Monday)

3. Stand up for something this week, like jokes with Comedy Central’s Drew Fraser and Liza Treyger at The Paper Box. (Monday) (more…)