11/05/15 1:47pm
Even Arnold knows how to treat the streets. via London Kaye

Even a stoop kid like Arnold knows how to keep it legal. via London Kaye

You see it everywhere. It’s that giant picture of the cute kid outside your yoga studio; it’s the graphic of the young activist throwing flower bouquet bombs on your walk to work; it’s that random square of kid faces and block coloring on the sidewalk outside of your coffee shop. Street art is one of the most pervasive forms of media in the borough. So pervasive that you’ve probably been tempted, at some point or another, to make your own. 

But before your inspirations run wild and you start painting your heart out onto a building wall, it’s important to consider whether what you’re doing is legal. We’re all for stunts and damning the Man, but nobody wants to get arrested. Brokelyn got hold of two elusive specimens from BK’s guerilla art scene: London Kaye (best known for that heavily controversial Moonrise Kingdom mural), and Joseph Meloy, whose art you definitely recognize from various blocks in the borough. Here are their tips to get your work out there, and keep it out there (barring a sudden whitewash—RIP Five Pointz). (more…)

10/22/15 1:39pm
Just call him "Sweeney Doors." via Browstoner

You might as well have called him “Sweeney Doors.” via Browstoner

You can tell a lot about a person by their front door. Well, maybe not, since a lot of different families live behind each one. But anyway, there are a lot of good doors out there. And ICYMI last month, Brownstoner launched an Instagram challenge asking readers to submit pictures of their favorite Brooklyn doors, in order to commemorate the work of late artist Joseph Lee Sweeney, famed for his 2004 poster, “The Doors of Brooklyn.”

Opportunity still knocks, brokesters: there are two days left to submit a photo of a door to the competition! Winners will have their photo memorialized on a new “The Doors of Brooklyn” poster to be revealed on Sweeney’s birthday, October 24. (more…)

10/21/15 12:20pm
So many cake pops, so little time.

So many cake pops, so little time.

Welcome back to another episode of “Let’s Get You a New Job!” After scouring the internet, breaking the fourth wall, calling a few places and doing the classic “ask around” we’ve compiled a list of jobs we think could be suitable for you. Have at it, people, and happy freaking humpday. (more…)

10/08/15 2:31pm
Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on these ladies

Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on these ladies. Photo via Facebook

Hey, remember when a group of dummies said we should defund Planned Parenthood? We sure do. Help smash the Patriarchy—and anyone else who says women shouldn’t get to choose what to do with their bodies—by heading into Manhattan tomorrow night, for Awkward Sex and the City, Natalie Wall’s recurring comedy show featuring some of New York’s best comedians retelling their most hilarious, interesting or just plain-old-weird sexploits inside of a sex shop. A portion of the proceeds from this show will go to Planned Parenthood.


10/08/15 1:23pm
via Seleni Institute

“Look at all of these Tweets” – you, as the new digital media assistant at Seleni Insitute. via website

It’s the first week of October and so far, the month is going pretty damn well. The long weekend is swiftly approaching us, and the weather this past weekend was fairly decent (no thanks to Joaquin). In doing our part to help you live your best life this October, we are once again giving you some fresh job ideas. Feeling lackluster about your current income situation? Dig those resumes out from your desktop, and start applying! (more…)

09/23/15 11:00am
I'll take one of each please. Via Facebook

I’ll take one of each please. Via Facebook

Growing up, my favorite time of the year was fall. I loved starting a new school year with a new teacher and a new back pack full of new school supplies. Fall has always been a very “out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new” time of year. Everyone’s Rosh Hashanah, if you will. September is a time of new beginnings, new temperatures, even a new Vogue Big Book. So, while you’re living among all this newness why not ask yourself, “Should I get a new job?” If you answer yes, then keep reading. We’ve got some great jobs at some dope companies (both old and new) looking for a fresh hire within their company! (more…)

09/21/15 2:54pm
Re-vamp your rescue. Via wikimedia

Re-vamp your rescue. Via wikimedia

Of course we love rescue dogs with their loving gratitude, missing fur patches, mysterious scars and little bits clipped from their ears. They’re not only cheaper and more sustainable than the breeder kind, they’re… more interesting. But sometimes those built-in quirks can be a challenge, like when they refuse to poop anywhere but your bedroom floor or snarl at anyone with a black hat on. Who knows why? If you’re a recent rescue dog owner and want to begin rewiring your newly saved canine, this seminar is for you. Join professional dog trainers and other rescue owners at Empire of the Dog from 7:00-9:00pm this Wednesday. This is a humans only seminar where you will discuss topics like how to build confidence and security; managing an overly attached dog; remedial house training for re-homed pets; and using family friendly training methods to teach new and modify old behavior. Then ask you RSVP in advance; you can do so here.


09/21/15 12:35pm
Getting paid should not cause the same stress as paying bills. Via Facebook

Getting paid should not cause the same stress as paying bills. Via Facebook

Tonight from 6-8pm New York City based freelancers will join together to launch the #FreelanceIsntFree Campaign at the Brooklyn Town Hall Meeting.

Sara Horowitz, founder of the Freelancers Union, wants the non-traditional workers to know “you deserve to get paid.” If you’re a freelancer who is tired of feeling “economically vulnerable” from unfair or lack-there-of payments, unstable working conditions, or unsupportive employers join Sara, Brooklyn City Coucil Members and hundreds of other freelance workers tonight at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

RSVP here. Take control of your life by joining the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign today.


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09/21/15 11:14am
BPL brining knowledge to the masses. Via Flickr

BPL brining knowledge to the masses. Via Flickr

Exciting news from the BPL this morning.

Today, Brooklynites will gather at Bedstuy’s Macon Library to receive free MiFi hotspots. The 4G, wireless devices are part of the Library HotSpot Program, which is dedicated to “bridging the digital divide” for patrons without at home internet capabilities.

In a press release today, Linda E. Johnson, President and CEO of Brooklyn Public Library said: “The internet has changed the way people learn, seek employment and engage with their community.We are proud to offer Brooklynites free internet access not only in our 60 branches, but, with the Library HotSpot program, in their own homes.”

With grants from Google, The Knight News Challenge, and The Robin Hood Foundation, the program intends to put internet in 10,000 households and the BPL will loan around 3,000 of those 10. Twenty-two Brooklyn library branches currently participate, and the BPL has already distributed nearly two-thirds of the MiFi hotspots.

The devices will allow families to connect their desktops, laptops, tablets and up to ten mobile phones to the internet; and Sprint hooks the families up with free, unlimited data for a year.

Users of the BPL without access to internet at home are eligible to borrow devices for one year if enrolled in an adult education or inclusion program offered by the Brooklyn Public Library. Programs include: ESOL, Adult Basic Education or a Citizenship Preparation Class.