BK man wants to replace ATM fees with ads

Clint Townsend, the dapper inventor.

From today’s Business Insider: a “random dude from Brooklyn” is poised to banish ATM fees by supplanting them with paid advertising. Clint Townsend, 25, has created a network of ATMs that dispense cash for free as long as you’re willing to sit through ads while you’re waiting. (He says it doesn’t add any time to the transaction.) BI reports that the first and only machine in the “Free ATM NYC network” is already in use at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg. See Business Insider if you want to know how Clint’s invention is structured on the biz side, but here’s what we want to know: would you rather sit through ads than pay ATM fees? [NB: it doesn’t eliminate your own bank’s fee.]

[via Business Insider]

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