Your outfit’s already been planned out.

1. See if you can think of any topics that aren’t covered in 100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write. (Monday)

2. Plunge right into Dive Comedy at Freddy’s Bar. (Monday)

3. Art Talks, and boy does it (and speakers from BRIC, Soapbox Gallery and Gridspace) want to have a word with you. (Monday)

4. You’ve still got time to check out Photoville. (Monday-Friday)

5. Lurk on over to Over the Eight for Creep stand-up. (Tuesday)

6. The Blue Eyed Bettys will be harmonizing at Pete’s Candy Store. (Tuesday)

7. Liz Prince and Ariel Schrag talk about gender identity and how it shapes their latest works at WORD. (Tuesday)

8. If you go to Arrested Development Bingo dressed as a never-nude, you’ll get a free drink and a free frozen banana! (Wednesday)

9. Videology’s Training Day screening will have lots of swag, and we assume they’re referring to giveaways, not just what Denzel radiates. (Thursday)

10. Renavigate those teenage years at the book launch for How to Build a Girl, which has been described as “The Bell Jar–written by Rizzo from Grease.” (Thursday)

11. Roll your DeLorean up to The Bell House and Party Like It’s 1985. (Friday)

12. Sing your little regal heart out at Union Hall’s The Kings of Karaoke. (Friday)

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