Are you the baby daddy? There’s never been a cheaper time to find out!

Only 17 more dudes left to test!

All them biddies calling you demanding alimony really can get expensive, but what did you expect from using those free NYC condoms all the time? We know splurging for a DNA test is a hassle, when it’s just so much easier to pretend like that baby can’t possibly be yours due to how much Mountain Dew you drink while placing your laptop firmly on your crotch for several hours a day. But you can wonder if that’s really your bebe no more! LivingSocial is offering a deal this week for 68 percent off a home DNA “self-discovery kit,” which will cost you just $29. It’s a “great first step to unlocking the information contained in your genetic make-up,” which also allows you to compare your DNA profile to friends, families and population groups around the world, including that rugrat that kinda-sorta-maybe looks like you hanging from your the Baby Bjorn of that girl you met at Matchless a year ago.