• We begin today’s apartment hunt with a 3BR in Kensington for $2,500, which has a cute private balcony off the living room. Looks like the kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated with nice shiny new tiles and appliances. Parquet wood floors, ceiling fans, and at least one of the bedrooms has a double door closet… This place is a find for couples recently inducted into the stroller-pushing club but not fancy-pants enough for the Slope.


• Here’s another gem in grown up Brooklyn, a classy 1BR in Windsor Terrace for $1,650. It’s on the 4th floor so it appears very sunny and there’s a washer dryer in the building.


• You’ll need to factor in the cost of a couple pairs of roller skates on this very spacious 3BR in Bushwick for $2,850. Located near Maria Hernandez Park (building is called The Melrose, so we’re thinking it’s on Melrose St.), this apartment has stainless steel appliances (including dishwasher), lofted ceilings and a private terrace with “views of prime Bushwick.” Maybe you can raise money for rent by hosting Down & Derby now that their home at Dekalb Market has been dismantled.


• Over in Cobble Hill there’s this rent stabilized 2BR for $2,006 that has some kind of giant mural on the kitchen wall. Located on Hicks near the Colombia Waterfront, you can sip beers from your fridge in the shared back garden while you wait for your Pok Pok reservation.


• Unfortunately the images for this 2.5BR in Bay Ridge for $2,100 do absolutely no justice to what appears to be a stunning apartment. In addition to TWO vintage chandeliers and original hardwood and glass details, the apartment is fully renovated with new kitchen appliances and a claw tub in the bathroom. You won’t see that in those mod-new construction units popping up all over Williamsburg. But then again, you also won’t be risking having to deal with this level of hate based solely on whether you have facial hair and what kind of jeans you choose to wear.

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