• Today’s Apartment Hunt opens with a 1.5BR in Park Slope for $1,900, which looks big, bright and roomy enough for a couple to share and possibly even produce a piece of offspring in.


Park Slope studio $1,475

• Then there’s this $1,475 studio which doesn’t look massive but it’s cute, plus well located a block from Prospect Park. Make sure to figure a kitchen island into your mental floor plan because there’s no counter space.


2BR in Bushwick, $2,450

• Over in Bushwick, there’s a 3BR duplex for $2,450. Renovated kitchen, wood floors and private backyard. Plus groovy vibes. And it’s just off Wyckoff, a few blocks from the DeKalb L & Knickerbocker M. Pets OK. Not visible in the photos are bedroom walls and doors, so choose roommates you wouldn’t mind seeing naked, just to be safe.


4BR Greenpoint $3,450

• Speaking of shares, here’s a 4BR in Greenpoint for $3,400. Pets OK, windows and closets in every room, plus bragging rights that you live in Lena Dunham’s TV neighborhood.

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