Annoyance Theatre will give you a discount when the L’s not running


Sorry, you’ll probably be waiting for a while. via Flickr user Chris Ford

The L train stirs some mighty special feelings inside us. Part of us loves it for the tremendous people watching potential. Williamsburg and Bushwick have some of the most fascinating creatures we’ve encountered, and we feel like there are many anthropology dissertations to be written on it. A bigger part, though, wants to curl up into a ball and cry and roll and cry whenever we think of the L train, especially now that it’s undergoing some sort of dramatic rebirth and not running at night for the next nine weeks. Annoyance Theatre hears our wimpers though, and they’re betraying their name by helping sooth your L train troubles. From now on, tickets to their shows will be buy one get one half off whenever the L train isn’t running.

Annoyance Theatre is actually closer to the J train than the L, and while that’s not saying much in terms of ideal service, it is nice to see them help out stranded Williamsburgers. The discount is only available at the door right now, but they told us if you buy them online and mention the discount at the bar you’ll get a free drink. The deal won’t get you too much while the L isn’t running at night but don’t worry: the L wants you to get discounts, so it won’t be running on weekends from April 11 to May 18 so this deal will come in more handy soon. We’re fans of this initiative and would love to see more businesses making life less miserable for L refugees. They’ve just been through so much.