Happy birthday to us! Can you believe it’s already been a year of Brokelyn? In just 12 months, we stalked Martha Stewart, told you how to sell your [redacted] online, couch-surfed, Dumpster swam, Crockpot gourmeted, price checked, deal-scouted, taste-tested, happy houred, flirted with aluminum poisoning from cheap beer tastings and much, much more. We also brought you the Brokelyn Beer Book and some great t-shirts in the process. We’re just getting started, but all this means only one thing… PARTY TIME (excellent)!

So what did you get us? Oh, I see… well it’s ok, because we’re getting you something. Clear your calendars and start rolling your pennies, because we’re throwing a bash for the ages, featuring fancy shmancy dress, some free booze and, the piece de resistance, THE RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY.

It’s the First Annual Brokelyn Charity Ball, and it’s on June 10 at Williamsburg’s Night Owl (or is it Kingdom?) We’re not really sure—for now we’ll just call it King Owl. Or Nightdom. That’s not as important as this: you will very likely walk away from the party with a taste of the good life in Brooklyn. By entering THE RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY, you get a chance to win some of the finest goods and services Brooklyn has to offer, the kinds of things you told us you covet but can’t normally fit in your budget. Keep your eyes on Brokelyn as we start to roll out some of the super-awesome businesses that have already signed on to contribute their goods.

You’ll also help support Brokelyn, because—not sure whether you picked up on this—we’re kinda broke. Our writers, photographers and editors donate their time to keep this site going because we all believe in the need for, you know, actual journalism online.

What else is in store for the bash? Not one, but two DJs — DJ Small Change and Lani Love — because you love to dance. And an hour of free Icelandic vodka, in exchange for which (in true Brokelyn style, we hope) we’ll rock out to some Icelandic tunes for a little while at the party (!).

It’s going to be a ball for brokesters, a prom for the poor, a fete for the freeloading, and one helluva good time.

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  1. Oh man, I can’t wait! I’ve definitely benefited from your advice this past year, so much so, to the extent that I want to help support the cause & toast to your honor. See you in 3 weeks or so…

  2. […] Not convinced yet that we’ve got the goods? If Five Leaves has quickly become one of Brooklyn foodies’ favorite spots, it’s not just because the place is hip. Chef Kenneth Addington and his mouth-watering, Australia-born menu might have something to do with it too. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You’ll taste it once you win the $100 gift certificate(!) the Greenpoint eatery has generously pitched in to our birthday raffle. […]

  3. […] In the world of multiple-roommate-living, returning home after a long day to soak in the tub just isn’t what it should be. How often do we long for our own space, even for an hour or so, to wash away the cares of the world—to detox from a day in the city? At Slope Suds, the mini-hideaway of a salon and spa in the thick of Park Slope, you can do just that: make it all disappear. To help it happen, the Slope Suds crew and owner Karla Mironov are pitching in an hour-long massage and style & conditioning treatment (a $140 value!) for the RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY. […]

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