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Hey all you bored painters at there, do you specialize in painting pictures of sexually stimulating, similarly bored-looking young people? Have we got a job for you: Racked says that the management of the Williamsburg location of American Apparel wants a mural in the store, and they’ll pay you to do it and everything. In both money and in fun money (American Apparel gift cards). Finally, that art history degree is paying off.

According to Racked, you’ll be painting on a 41-foot-by-16-foot wall, and you can put whatever you want on it. Like say, Terry Richardson being sodomized in Hell by Fred Phelps. Or Terry Richardson being torn apart by a wild pack of dogs. Whatever you want, really! If your mural is selected, not only will the store cover the costs of the painting material, you’ll also get $500 in real money and $500 in gift cards. Which you could theoretically sell to your friends and then get $1000 for the mural. If you want in, shoot an email with sketches and proof of your past painting work to muralcontest [at] by April 1. And then, you wait.

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  1. $500? REALLY American Apparel? Thats an insult to artists everywhere… you couldnt pay me $500 to wear your clothes. Why dont you bumb it up to 5,000$ and pay what you should pay for an artist..

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