Amazing: ‘Spider-Man 2′ filming in Brooklyn tonight

"Why don't you get out of the hero game and open a cafe in Park Slope with me?"

“Why don’t you get out of the hero game and open a cafe in Park Slope with me?”

In the world of unnecessary remakes, The Amazing Spider-Man just may top the list. After all, the first movie came out barely ten years ago, so the idea that we needed to start all the way from the beginning seems a little silly. But, we’ll take off our nerd glasses here and just get to how this affects your life: if you’ve got nothing to do tomorrow, you can go try and catch a glimpse of the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for those who aren’t quite awake yet, being filmed down in Windsor Terrace.

On Location Vacations got a tip from a reader who noted that the adventures of the world’s favorite wall crawler will be coming to Brooklyn tomorrow night at 10pm, on Fuller Place, between Prospect Avenue and Windsor Place. Disappointingly, there probably won’t be a GIANT FIREBALL or a car chase, because the scene being shot is supposed to take place outside Peter Parker’s house.

Which, if you’ll allow us to put our nerd glasses back on, is kinda bullshit because everyone knows Peter Parker lives in Queens. It doesn’t matter how cool Brooklyn gets, we don’t just get to steal the pride of Forest Hills, nor is Queens so expensive or so far away that the producers couldn’t film there. But oh well. Maybe the twist in this movie is that Peter Parker gives up the webbing to raise backyard chickens? And anyway, how many other chances will you get to possibly see Emma Stone in the flesh, or yell at Andrew Garfield that he’s no Topher Grace Tobey Maguire? Actually, don’t do that one, we don’t want to get in trouble with Stan Lee.