Amazin': Now you can get a free Mets ticket on your birthday

Praying is meaningless when Latroy Hawkins is in your bullpen. via Facebook

Praying is meaningless when Latroy Hawkins is in your bullpen. via Facebook

On your birthday, you expect the world. Well, at least if you haven’t accepted that it’s just a meaningless mile marker on the road to death. If you haven’t, you want things. Coincidentally, the Mets are desperate to fill their stadium. Combine the two, and you get the newest Mets offer this year: a free ticket on your birthday. One can only hope this is the only way Colin Cowgill returns to Citi Field.

The offer is exactly what it says it is, no tricks, very few conditions. You can’t get one for the games against the hated Yankees on May 27 or 28, and you also can’t get a ticket after September 29, presumably because that’s when the “meaningful games in September” happen. But otherwise, just walk up to the ticket window the day of the game, show an ID with your birthday on it and you get a ticket in the Promenade Reserved section. Birthday in the off-season or when the Mets are on a road trip? Just head on down between September 13-15 and claim your free ticket.

Even the Astros and the Marlins haven’t sunk this low, and this year they’re candidates to lose the most games ever. Is this the saddest ticket promotion the Mets have held? Well, short of the Twitter one, yes. It’s clear they’re still so buried in debt they need to do anything to get people into the ballpark and buying beers. But hell, my birthday is on September 26, so I’ll be there. In the meantime, if you want to see winning baseball, why not buy some Cyclones tickets?

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