‘Affordable’ housing lottery opens up in Long Island City

Your new home?

Your new “affordable” home?

Hey, like that sweet rendering seen above? You’re probably looking at it and thinking there’s no way you could afford it. And normally, you can’t! But, it’s your lucky day, because the building seen above has 108 spots open for you in the NYC affordable housing lottery. Except given its income requirements, maybe we should call it the “kind of affordable housing lottery.”

If you’re reading Brokelyn, your income is probably at the lower end of the spectrum for the minimum income requirements to get in this building: $46,360. If you make between that and $78,260, you can apply for a studio that costs $1,103/month. Which definitely pushes the limits of what “affordable” housing is. Still, this seems to be the era we live in now, as the Observer pointed out last month.

In this instance, it’s not so much that the apartments are expensive, as none of them rise above $2,186/month. But the two bedroom apartments, for example, are open to couples who make up to $110,080. Not as bad as the buildings the Observer found where income requirements stretched to almost $200,000, but still not what we first think of when we think about people struggling to pay the rent.

Of course, this stil comes out to being cheaper than the market rate apartments in the same building and surrounding buildings. So, if you want in, you can grab an application here. But we’re crashing on your couch for a few months if you get in.

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