Activists look to sink big Gowanus development tonight

Save Gowanus want...not this. via DNA Info

Save Gowanus want…not this. via DNA Info

Now that Williamsburg is gentrified to the point where people take out mortgages just to look at the real estate listings there, developers are striking out to other neighborhoods. One such neighborhood is Gowanus which, despite the presence of a ridiculously polluted canal, is slated for a slew of new housing. Local activists Save Gowanus have set their sights on one such development, a planned 12-story tower on Bond Street, and are having a rally in opposition to it tonight.

Save Gowanus’ main beef, according to DNA Info, is that there hasn’t been enough of a study on the environmental impact that the one thousand new people the development would add will have. Save Gownus claims this will lead to a even worse flooding in the neighborhood than Sandy brought, should another hurricane blow our way. They kinda have a point, given that an environmental review in May asked for by Brad Lander was denied.

Frankly, we’re just offended at the fact that the proposed designs show the Gowanus as some aqua blue paradise. as It also turns out that the development is supposed to go up on the area where Mister Sunday is held. So if you really care about either responsible development OR shaking your rump, join the shouty masses at the Carroll Street Bridge at 7:30pm.

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  • I’m sure preventing the construction of 1,000 apartments will help keep rents down in the surrounding areas by — wait, they want to create more housing in an area where there isn’t enough?