The A/C shut down on the weekends gives you a new topic to bitch about at brunch come this spring. (via Flickr user Adam Fagen)

Add this to the list of hexes you’re putting on your MTA-inspired voodoo doll: Gothamist reports that the tunnel that ferries A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be closed for a whopping 40 non-consecutive weekends starting next spring. Hurricane Sandy is the gift that just keeps on giving.

The Cranberry Street Tunnel (the magical rat-infested vessel that carries us to and from Brooklyn & Manhattan) is set for repair in 2015 and in turn, the A/C lines will be rerouted along the F line between Jay Street/MetroTech and West 4th Street during repair weekends. Adam Linsburg, the MTA’s Director of External Communications, confirmed the giant inconvenience, but was quick to address that the Cranberry Tubes (LOL) weren’t privy to the same amount of damage from Sandy as the Montague and Greenpoint tunnels.

So we guess the silver lining is that there won’t be widespread panic like there was for the Great Summer G Shutdown of 2014. There will however, probably be confusion and delays, and won’t do anything to improve the C train’s reputation. The work is mostly electrical, not structural, which is what allows for the weekend repairs as opposed to a long drought in service. Just remember come spring to stay up-to-date with the A/C weekend schedule, pray the F line gets you where you want to go, and hope for the best.

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