Quick, what are two of the most insufferable types of people you can think of off the top of your head? If you (correctly) answered “men who really into their beards” and “men who want to tell you about how fatherhood has changed everything” have we got a treat for you! Via Gothamist, here’s the story of new father Luke Hughett, who when forced to choose between making his newborn baby happy or keeping his beard, chose the baby. But not without freezing his beard in carbonite. Er, lucite.

There’s only so much that can be said about this situation that isn’t said by the thousand-yard stare Hughett’s wife gives during a brief interview at the end of the video, but we will say that it’s always fascinating to combine too much money with a possible imbalance. Sometimes you get a person who freezes his beard in carbonite, but sometimes you get John du Pont. So it could definitely be worse.

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  1. After bookmarking this video, I finally got around to watching it. The thing I hate most about this man is that he made a movie about it. An amputation of his soul? I’m not sure he understands what an amputation is… I can’t tell if this guy is in on the joke or at least realizes that he is the joke. I love beards, but they should not have a special place in someone’s heart, ONLY ON SOMEONE’S FACE.

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