Are you effing kidding us with this? via AccuWeather

Ugh, looks like we get another storm today. You guys excited??? A nor’easter doesn’t get a name, but it does get to be a giant pain in the ass for everyone it blows past. Things are still a mess in the city’s waterfront areas, and we can only imagine it will get worse with a foot of snow and new flooding. If you want to help people who are going to need even more of it tomorrow, there are a couple opportunities out there.

Brighton Beach
Please report to 2770 W. 5th Street anytime after 10:30am on Thursday to help us carry food to seniors. Please bring a flashlight with you – it is required to volunteer. We also recommend you bring whatever food and water you will need. Please email

Far Rockaway
Please report any time after 10:30am to help us carry food to seniors. The staging location is at 125 Beach 19th Street. Please bring a flashlight, as well as whatever water and food you’ll need for yourself. Just tell the security guards you are there to volunteer and ask for Elaine Rockoff. Please email

Also, if you guys know of anywhere else that needs volunteers, tell us in the comments.

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