A love letter to Cobble Hill Cinemas (aka buy this Groupon)

Photo via Flickr's William Self

Dear Cobble Hill Cinemas: We could go on and on about how we’d much rather hand over our $10 to your smiling, independently owned faces instead of shelling out $13 and some dignity at the bigger UA bully down the street; or how your concessions are priced lower so we don’t feel like we’re shopping at the last snack bar on the international space station; or how your crowds are pleasant and respectful and actually bought up all the tickets to Bridesmaids one Saturday night three weeks after its release while the newly released, far dumber Hangover 2 still had plenty of seats available. But there’s something bigger that cements our crush: it’s that old-generation, Saturday-morning-movie-with-Dad kind of charm the theater captures so well. You are located in one of the most Brooklyn stretches of Brooklyn down Court Street, with enough cozy bars, tasty food and enticing chocolatiers to justify missing the first showing. Climbing the winding staircase past movie scenes painted on the wall, it’s easy to imagine being there when all the movies were black and white and everyone wore fedoras. But mostly, we love that that the one time a bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate covered pretzels fell out of our bag as you were taking our ticket, you just smiled, laughed, and waved us through.

So, dear reader, you should buy this $15 Groupon for two tickets, popcorns and sodas today and go see for yourself. And even if you miss the Groupon, love up on some of their bargain nights: $7 seats all day Tuesdays and Thursdays and up to 5pm from Monday-Friday.

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  • i loooooooove cobble hill cinema!!!!!!  for the last month, i’ve been going there at least once a week.  it’s restored my faith in cinema again! and the staff are the super friendliest of all! even if i live in queens, it’s sooo worth the trek! <3 <3 <3

  • If you really loved CHC, then you’d skip the Groupon. They make more money when you just go on your own. And they’ll never strip search you like those nozzles down the street.

    • Yes, very true Mike. Though I was hoping we would entice some folks who have never been to try it out and realize that there are more theaters in town very much worth enjoying that beat the ones owned by Big Theater.