A look at this year’s Shop Brooklyn deals

Marty says: Eat! Shop! It's good for you!

Marty says: Eat! Shop! It's good for you!

Marty’s back at it again, sponsoring the third annual Shop Brooklyn and doing his damnedest to drum up some business for our local mom and pops (and one uncle) from now through Aug. 22.

More than 225 locations are participating, and some deals are… well, better than others … but the list is worth a look over to see if anything strikes your fancy. Here’s a quick rundown of what kind of deals you can find:

The Africa Spot on Myrtle Ave is just milking the free advertising (boo!), but nearby Dajeh, a treat-yourself spot serving Caribbean-fusion soul food is offering 15 percent off. PowerHouse Arena is offers from 20-95 percent discounts, Bubby’s is handing out free pie (with dinner), and ‘Cure Beauty Bar is offering $30 mani/pedis (normally $40).

Some, to be honest, are lame, but most retailers offer at least 10 percent off SOMEthing, many offer 10 percent everything, and some will cut out 25 percent or more of your purchase. Most restaurants at least throw you a free drink (like a free tasting and souvenir glass at Therapy Wine Bar or a gratis glass of wine or bowl of soup with dinner at Bay Ridge Pizza). At the very least, it’s a good excuse to check out some local businesses you’ve never tried before.