A bounty of apartments in Bushwick and Bed Stuy awaits you


Tired of laying around in the heat watching the bottom of your laptop cook eggs burn though table surfaces? Maybe you need to shift your priorities. It’s time to get a cheaper place so that you can afford to shove an air conditioning unit into the window like the urban royalty you are.

  • This 3BR multi-family apartment in Bushwick comes with free Internet! That’s at the top of everyone’s priority list, right? It’s a pretty good deal for $2,350, even before you take into account the high ceilings, exposed brick, and washer/dryer. The listing also promises “endless hot water,” which sounds a little ominous now but that you probably won’t regret when the summer winds down.



  • This place looks huge. It’s a $2,000 3BR Bed Stuy spot. In addition to a vast living room and hardwood floors, this space also has a freakin’ kitchen island, and you probably haven’t seen one of those since you were in your high school best friend’s house in the suburbs.



  • Are you a Pratt student or someone who wishes they were? This 4BR off Myrtle Ave. goes for $3,000. It’s located on the top floor of a two-family house, which means that you won’t have any loud college students to worry about, but you’ll probably need to make sure you and your 3 roommates are in bed at a decent hour.



  • There’s not much info listed for this 2BR in Bed Stuy, except for the fact that it’s $1,450, and there are a lot of trees on the block. That being said, if you need to be near the J train and you love bright colors, trees, and hardwood, this could be your dream apartment.