She’s sure to be just as much of a jawbreaker at Splitty tonight.

Broad City started up again this month, and TV’s favorite brokesters continue to deliver on the wry, racy laughs that made the show’s first season such a success. Tonight, you can catch the dirtier half of the Broad City duo (that’s Ilana Glazer to you) at Splitty’s weekly comedy show in Clinton Hill. Best part? It’ll only set you back five smackeroos.

Resident BK watering hole Splitty (415 Myrtle Avenue) has been hosting its weekly comedy show, in affiliation with Myrtle Comedy, ever since Bob’s Burgers star Larry Murphy and comedy veteran (and BK Live co-host) Greg Johnson started producing the series last year. In addition to Glazer’s performance, tonight’s show also includes Matt Koff (of Daily Show fame) and the return appearance of Murphy himself.

Doors open at 7:30pm. And look, you guys! If you buy the beer book, you can break it in there tonight! Okay, so you won’t actually get the book in time to pair free beer with Ilana Glazer. But with a measly $5 price tag, it’s almost like getting a free beer in. And since Murphy and Johnson’s weekly show consistently features all-star lineups, you’re definitely going back there soon.

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