Get ready to draw, get ready to drink, all over again.

We all got bummed out when 3rd Ward closed. Not about your art that was either your livelihood or your work’s culmination, now stuck within the shuttered premises, or your recently purchased membership. No, nothing like that. It was the apparent demise of the weekly Drink N’ Draw class. Well all is not lost, for the Drink n’ Draw anyway: the alcohol-infused art class has found a new home –  Bushwick’s Bat Haus (279 Starr Street) – and will set up there for the first time tomorrow at 8pm.

Bat Haus and Joel Morrison (the Drink N’ Draw organizer since 2010) are taking an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it approach, so while the venue has changed all your favs are still the same, from models to day, and time (every Wednesday at 8pm).

Entry is $10, which comes with unlimited PBR like the artists of yester last year drank, but bring your own art supplies. No crowdfunding.

So get your artistic drink on ‘cause who needs steady hands for drawing? And seriously call your credit card company (if you can) and cancel that membership if you haven’t already.

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