Give someone many tattoos to choose from with a gift set.
Give someone many tattoos to choose from with a gift set.

Here’s something for your tattoo commitment-phobe aunt, cousin or hairless cat: just four and half months ago Brooklyn-based designer Tina Roth-Eisenberg, better known to design enthusiasts as Swiss Miss, launched Tattly, a provider of artistic, design-y temporary tattoos. How do they stand up to the hard Brooklyn life? An early design, “What to Focus On” (a personal favorite), stuck on for more than a week, including a camping trip to Colorado, and even then I had to scrub it off! Gift sets with themes like The Zoo, Grown Up and Hand Drawn include several different designs. The Dumbo-based Tattly says it best: “Who said forever is better?”

$25 for a gift setCog & Pearl and online.

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