$25-and-under gift #24: Italian parmesan + picnic knife

parmesanBKLYN Larder isn’t Brokelyn’s usual hang, but believe me, we get it. So what’s the most worthwhile splurge amid the $50 olive oils and $18 cookies at this Park Slope gourmet shop? We’re going with the $22-a-pound G. Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano because 1) there really is a difference between the supermarket kind and the good stuff and 2) the recipient will recall your generosity as he sprinkles and shaves his way through a season’s worth of wintry soups and pastas. Get there quick—the Larder, at 228 Flatbush Ave., is only open today until 6, and it’s closed tomorrow. Go for broke (literally) and buy a pound, or get half that and you’ll have enough left over for a sexy carbon steel picnic knife:


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