$20 gets you into this all-you-can-drink rave (yes, people still go to raves)

Scenes from a rave, via Thrillist.

Twenty dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to. Hell, with the exception of the Gotham City Lounge, it’s probably impossible to walk into a bar in this town and leave a shambling, slurring mess. Fortunately, frat council-in-exile Thrillist can put some value back in your Jackson with a three-hour open bar in Williamsburg later this month.

So OK, you’ll have to convince your friends to go to a rave (c’mon, it’s still the 90s!), but the reward for showing up to LINEJAMS on Oct. 19 at Williamsburg’s PIPS is all the Tiger beer you can drink from 9 until midnight.

Tunes and visuals will be provided by DJ dacops, who’s also a doctor apparently. You also get free glowsticks, but don’t drink those unless you really want to test the DJ’s medical skills. You’d never catch us encouraging binge drinking, but why not go do some science and see if you can drink until you develop a hump to save the leftover alcohol, like a camel embarking on a long desert journey?

Hey, and in a clever completely obvious tie in, Thrillist is also offering 15 percent off this “hangover cure” concoction (with the code “THRILLIST”), although it is still more expensive than moderation and water, the actual hangover cure.

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