Mmmmm…tacos… via Twitter

It doesn’t matter what season it is summer, fall or even fummer (summer + fall) when cheap tacos come calling we come in droves. Blind Barber (524 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg) the barbershop that happens to have a cafe/bar in the front will be having $2 Taco Tuesday starting tonight. There are three tacos to chose from- vegetarian, pastrami-ruben, and ground turkey with cumin. Meaning your adventurous omnivores can get all three while vegetarians are stuck with one, but that’s better than no tacos at all. They’re inexpensive and sound like they taste way better than anything Guy Fieri would dish out (who by the way could use a new haircut himself).

This will be happening every Tuesday from 5pm to 10pm. You can scarf down your tacos with the happy hour specials which consists of $4 for draft beer and house wine. (Just don’t ask for pumpkin beer until late September.)

We love finding an expensive trendy place with a gem of a cheap option, so for once you can have your cake and it eat it too or in this case have your cheap tacos and get that $15 beard trim too. Just skip the  $30 beard oil though.

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