The Daily Press in Bed-Stuy is one of just 122 great places to get coffee in Brooklyn. via Facebook

Recently, the Times posted an interactive map of 101 spots to get great coffee in NYC, including a meager 29 coffee shops in Brooklyn, and leaving entire neighborhoods blank. While the map paid even less attention to Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, we felt compelled to right their egregious oversights in our borough. So, we put together a map representing the motherlode of BK coffee hubs, from as far south as Sheepshead Bay to the northern tip of Greenpoint.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, including Team Brokelyn’s Tim, Rebecca, Isaac, Conal, Sam, Dan, and Ned Berke from Sheepshead Bites. Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite spot!

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  1. In Bushwick alone left out at least Athom Cafe, Skytown, Dillinger’s, and that coffee shop directly across from Castle Braid.

  2. Ozzie’s closed 3 years ago. It’s not Dada Cafe.

    You forgot Cafe Regular Du Nord at 158 Berkeley Place. Travesty to leave off such a charming cafe.

  3. Ozzie’s closed 3 years ago. It’s now Dada Cafe.

    You forgot Cafe Regular Du Nord at 158 Berkeley Place. Travesty to leave off such a charming cafe.

  4. You only listed one of the three great places to get great coffee in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, IMO the least interesting one. The others are Tugboat Tea Co., on Flatbush between Lincoln Road and Beekman Place [my favorite, because they have monthly art shows] and Blessings, on Flatbush just south of Hawthorne St.

  5. Ed, I changed Ozzie’s to Dada and added Cafe Regular du Nord. Bobmarvin, I added Tugboat Tea Co., couldn’t add Blessings b/c it doesn’t have a google maps listing. Jill, I added Dub Pies. Gregory, I added Athom, Skytown and Dillinger’s. Thanks everybody!

  6. Athom *+(Bushwick) seems to be closed, at least the last 3-4 times I tried going there.
    I would add Bakeri (150 Wythe street) which made it to the 2012 NYC Coffee Guide with 4.5 beans (as high as Toby’s Estate).
    I didn’t see Blue Bottle (160 Berry) which has the best (only?) Kyto in the area.
    and my personal favorite… PARLOR coffee, on 84 Havemeyer.

    Thanks for the legwork!

    • Hey Daniel,

      I had Blue Bottle on Dean, not on Berry, but I added that location per your request. Also added Bakeri. Parlor is already on the map!

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