You didn’t work as hard as these two, but that’s OK, you can still enjoy Labor Day.

Listings taken from our Brokelyn events page. Don’t see yours listed? Add it now!

1. See The Wiz, because Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Richard Pryor are always better than Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton and Ruth Duccini. (Friday)

2. There’s some really obvious joke to be made about the words “free” “pussy” and “riot” being thrown together, but instead we’ll just say screw Vladimir Putin. (Friday)

3. Party with New York’s notoriously shy and retiring queer community. (Friday)

4. Finally, having kids pays off. Aside from the tax breaks, you lucky jerks. (Saturday)

5. Missed the Makossa Brooklyn Cookout all summer? Here’s your last chance. Gone to every one this summer? Make sure to go so that you can finish your punchcard. (Saturday)

6. Go out dancing, but in your pajamas. Or as we like to call it, “formal wear.” (Saturday)

7. Dance it up at Mister Sunday. Which should really be one of the pope’s nickname’s. Way to drop the ball, Holy Father. (Sunday)

8. A 10-minute play is probably about three minutes longer than your attention span. But then there’s beer, dancing and merriment afterwards. (Sunday)

9. As if anyone has ever heard of nerds liking Dr. Who or songs about Dr. Who sung by attractive people. (Sunday)

10. Cram as much free BBQ in your gullet as you can in a two-hour period. America! (Sunday)

11. Eat tacos in the Roberta’s garden and think about the plight of America’s undocumented workers. KIDDING, you don’t have to do that second part. (Monday)

12. A wild barbecue with dollar beers the day before your long weekend is over? What could possibly go wrong??? (Monday)

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