12 things to do this weekend: Get it together and see what’s happening

There’s a Beasties tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn on Saturday.

1. Mission of Burma: neither an assignment nor Southeast Asian. Discuss. (Friday)

2. You should never say no to free hushpuppiesNever. (Friday)

3. “Our Hideous Future” was also the campaign slogan of the aborted Cheney presidential run. (Friday)

4. You say you’ve been looking for the soul of Brooklyn, but have you tried looking, on, say, Fulton, between Lafayette and Carlton? (Saturday)

5. Rumor has it that at some point on this Beastie Boys tour, they’ll teach you how to make b-boy bouillabaisse. (Saturday)

6. Watch Out For Justice. Also, watch out for justice. (Saturday)

7. Children: finally good for more than a tax credit. (Saturday)

8. Bad credit? No credit? No problem! At the Arbitration Rock Festival, we welcome all sorts of poors! (Saturday)

9. It’s the last day for you to see this really sad/adorable looking art exhibit based on plush dolls. (Sunday)

10. On the one hand, your child will learn valable imagination skills pretending to be a bat. On the other, he’s probably going to want to get around using only echolocation after learning about it. (Sunday)

11. Sit out under the stars and get a reminder of what a dick Mr. Hand was. (Sunday)

12. Because you’re a good spanker, but want to be a GREAT spanker. (Sunday)

Listings pulled from our events calendar. Don’t see yours listed? Add it now!