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Brooklyn Q trains to be disrupted for 2 weeks by overnight work [DNAinfo]
Driver reportedly drags cyclist, slams into TransAlt’s Bike Tour [Gothamist]
Sunset Park’s renovated 53rd Street station is open for business [Home Reporter]
Littering fines set to double to $100 next week [New York Times]
Mayor names commission to review city statues ‘seen as oppressive’ [DNAinfo]
Clinton Hill mansion being demo’d for apartments [Brownstoner]
There’s no good reason for DOT to let cars back Prospect Park today [Streetsblog]
Enjoy free lectures on American politics in Brooklyn Heights this fall [Kings County Politics]
Anti-gentrification protestors march through Brooklyn [Gothamist]
Gogol Bordello playing New Year’s shows in Brooklyn [Brooklyn Vegan]

This “occasionally updated” guide to New York City sex parties was recently updated. Read it while it’s accurate.

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